Schulz congratulates Poland on successful 25 years after communism

Press Release
Brussels -

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the first semi-free elections in Poland after decades of communist rule, European Parliament President Martin Schulz said:

"I congratulate Poland on 25 years of successful transformation from communist rule and a centrally-controlled economy to free market economy and democracy. Poland has undergone a profound change from a Soviet satellite to a respected member of the European Union. Despite large pockets of poverty and notwithstanding instability in Ukraine, Poland now enjoys perhaps the best time in its tumultuous history, advancing fast on a path to prosperity in a friendly international environment.

The first, partially free elections, which Poland held on 4 June 1989 after four decades of communism, sowed the seed for the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War and the restoration of democracy across Central and Eastern Europe. They paved the way for the reunification of Europe and enlargement of the European Union.

What change has taken place in Poland! In 1989, Poland was ravaged by hyperinflation, shelves in shops were empty and long queues were forming for scarce goods. Today, it has a thriving middle-class, modern highways, cleaner air, booming urban centres and a strong banking system.

I wish Poland more great years in which it will successfully cope with the problems it faces -- like so many other countries -- such as high unemployment, growing income gaps and youth exclusion."

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