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Today in Strasbourg, President Tajani met with Greta Thunberg, climate change activist and symbol of the "Fridays for Future" movement. After the meeting, President Tajani said: "Greta has rallied millions of young people in defence of the environment. I described everything that the European Parliament is doing to fight pollution and told her to never to stop fighting for the values she believes in.

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“I am very concerned by developments in Libya. I appeal to all parties to stop and avoid violence. “Military action is not the solution to the Libyan crisis. A new conflict would only cause further loss of life and enormous damage to the country and its people. We would also risk generating a new migratory crisis, with increased flows heading mainly towards Italy and other Mediterranean countries.

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"Today's vote in the European Parliament gives the definitive green light to the new copyright directive. This assembly has demonstrated its commitment to protecting and enhancing Europe's invaluable cultural and creative heritage. Our Union, the world’s largest digital market, will now benefit from modern and fair copyright protection rules.

Communiqué de presse

In his statement to EU27 leaders at the European Council, European Parliament President Antonio Tajani expressed regret with developments in the UK, stressing that the European Parliament hopes that a potential extension of Article 50 is as short as possible, and granted only if an exit treaty agreement is reached in the House of Commons next week.



Le patronage est, pour le Parlement européen, un moyen de s'associer à une manifestation en lui octroyant un soutien moral. Il est accordé à un nombre limité de manifestations chaque année.