Cooperation with parliamentary stakeholders

Democracy Network for the European Parliament and National Parliaments

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The network for cooperation in the field of Democracy Support with EU National Parliaments was established in September 2020 at the initiative of the European Parliament. The aim of the network is to enhance cooperation at administrative level among EU national Parliaments and the European Parliament through exchange of information and best practices in the area of democracy support to third countries. The network participants are expected to meet twice per year.

The second meeting of the network, which is scheduled to take place in spring 2021, will focus on the ways national parliaments are carrying out their democracy support activities with their partner parliaments during the pandemic.

Officials from each parliament will also present their respective current and future projects. In addition, there will be a presentation of the new IPEX platform on the democracy support activities of all parliaments participating in IPEX.

INTER PARES-Parliaments in Partnership

INTER PARES is a EU funded project aimed at strengthening the capacities of parliaments world-wide. In its endeavour to support parliaments in third countries, INTER PARES brings together EU institutions, including the European Parliament and national parliaments.

In 2020 the European Parliament cooperated with INTER PARES in several areas and, in particular, in the field of democratic innovations. On 1, 8 and 10 December 2020, the European Parliament, the European Commission and INTER PARES co-organised a major international conference on "Parliaments and democratic innovations". The on-line conference discussed how Parliaments can respond to challenges to representative democracy and find ways to interact more effectively with citizens. The conference attracted 750 participants from around the world who listened to and interacted with 20 keynote speakers on three main themes: A role for parliaments in changing representative democracy; Deliberative democracy - Impact on parliaments; and, Covid-19 and the future of parliaments.