Hybrid meetings

Remote speakers at the European Parliament: READY? SET. SPEAK!

Start your online speech on the right track.

A step-by-step video for an optimal remote intervention at the European Parliament.

  1. BOOK your advance connection test now: https://ep-events.secure.europarl.eur...

  2. TEST your connection with EP services.

  3. USE a recommended microphone.

  4. CONNECT well in advance on the day of the meeting for a final check with the support team.


Remote Speakers' Checklist

A few quick tips on how to make an impact when speaking at hybrid meetings

Sound Check for Hybrid Meetings

Your gateway to being heard when speaking remotely

Recommended microphones for hybrid meetings

Best practices for working in multilingual meetings

To find out more about how to prepare for meetings with interpretation, have a look at the video above for some further advice.