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Call for EU action: Grants for media activities 2024 European Elections

This is a call for EU action grants for communication activities in the field of media managed by DG Communication of the European Parliament, ahead of the 2024 European Elections.

The purpose of this call for proposal is to award grants co-financing media actions by news agencies, television channels, radio stations, digital media and written press. Digital media includes both digital-only media and digital platforms of other media.

The media actions should have a two-fold objective:

1. Providing regular, reliable, pluralistic and non-partisan information on the forthcoming 2024 European Elections, as well as on the political and legislative work of the European Parliament (inter alia: recovery plan Next Generation EU, European Green Deal, European Digital Economy, Europe in the world, Future of Europe, rule of law, etc.), emphasizing its implications in the European citizen’s daily lives.

2. Promoting participation and engaging citizens and civil society organisations in the debate on the forthcoming 2024 European Elections, by organising online and off-line events, calls to action, online activation, public consultations, surveys, etc.

Applicants must describe in detail in their proposals how they plan to fulfil this two-fold objective.

The potential reach, audience and impact of the action in terms of contributing to raise citizen’s awareness about the European Parliament, to ensure wide dissemination and geographical balance, and to promote a wide public debate on the EU and the 2024 European Elections are key criteria for awarding the grants.

The actions should be multi-platform, outlining in the proposal a strategy for online engagement, to encourage and facilitate participation. Innovative formats that successfully reach first time voters will enjoy a competitive advantage. It should be noted that the applicants must prove their current levels of audience in their proposals. Audience outside the 27 EU Member States will not be considered an asset. Proposals solely based on events or paid social media campaigns will be disregarded.

All information on how to apply are available in the link below. Please note that the submission of proposals is done exclusively through the Funding & Tender opportunities Portal. Documents on this webpage are just for information purpose.

All relevant forms can be found here: