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European Parliament Grants for European Elections 2024

The European Parliament (EP) is pleased to announce new grants in the area of communication to advance public awareness of the European Parliament's role in our lives delivering democracy, increase civic participation and mobilise voters in the European Elections 2024 (EE24). There are two rounds of applications: deadline 25 May 2023 at 17h00 (CET) and 29 September 2023.

The EP is seeking proposals to fund communication projects that aim to mobilise voters for the European Elections 2024 (EE24) and increase public awareness of the EP's role in democracy. National non-profit organisations can submit proposals in two rounds. Engagement grants of up to €60,000 will co-finance projects that deepen connections with communities and involve citizens in the voting process. To be selected for funding, projects must improve the culture around participative democracy, bring individuals and organisations together (via communities), and empower citizens to vote in EE24.





  • The EP is giving out grants for two reasons:
    • to help citizens understand the EP's role (delivery phase = democracy in action) AND
    • to encourage voting in the EE24 (democracy phase = voting).
  • Two types of applicants:
    • National non-profit organisations OR
    • non-profit legal persons (“change-makers” aka lead community members).
  • Two action categories: 
    • Civil society engagement actions (max €60.000 per project), EP total foreseen €3.1M
    • Engagement actions by change-makers (between €5.000-15.000), EP total €0.8M
  • There are two rounds of applications:
    • deadline 25 May, 2023 AND 
    • deadline 29 Sept, 2023.


  • Applicants can only get one grant, but can apply in both rounds.
  • The projects should be finished by June 30, 2024 and will last about 10 months max.
  • Grants will range from €5.000 to €60.000 and will support actions that build civic education, connect with communities (, and get more people to vote.


Call opening: 27 April 2023 (1st round)

Call opening: 17 May 2023 (2nd round)

Deadline for submission: 25 May 2023 (17:00 CET) (1st round)

Deadline for submission: 28 September 2023 (17:00 CET) (2nd round)
Evaluation: May-July 2023 (1st round)

Evaluation: October-November 2023 (2nd round)
Information on evaluation results: July 2023 (1st round)

Information on evaluation results: December 2023 (2nd round)
Grant agreement signature: August-September 2023 (1st round)

Grant agreement signature: January 2024 (2nd round)


  • Projects should be non-partisan, communicate the role of the EP and empower citizens (change-makers) to advocate on the importance of voting, take action through voting, and ultimately, increase participation in the EE24.

  • Projects are expected to mobilise grass-root organisations and active citizens (change-makers) through training, workshops, competitions, university initiatives, quizzes, social media campaigning and other formats of active civic engagement. They’re also expected to change the culture around participative democracy and bring more individuals (especially young[1] people) and organisations in the[2]
  • Once awarded, grant beneficiaries will need to submit their organisation’s profile, campaigns and events in the platform. All activities organised will need to become publicly available content of the platform. The EP will publish and update regularly on all the EE24 communication assets and will encourage grant beneficiaries to download them

[1] Individuals aged 15 - 29 years old.

[2] See definition in point 1.2 below.



Further information and helpful guides for applicants

Applicants are invited to read this call for proposals and its annexes, as well as:

Recommendations for the preparation of the application, and how to register and submit proposals online via the EU Funding & Tenders Portal (‘Portal’):
Details about information applicants will have to provide in order to obtain the grant (including cost eligibility, payment schedule, accessory obligations, etc.):