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Facilities for TV and radio journalists in the European Parliament  

A wide range of technical facilities for radio and television, including six radio studios, two multimedia studios and a brand new TV studio, are available free of charge in Brussels. An equal level of services is available in Strasbourg.

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Follow Parliamentary Activities

Each Friday the press service publishes a guide to events of media interest coming up in the next 7 days. This includes a highlights page, the plenary agenda, a list of all committee meetings, a timetable of press conferences and information on the EP President’s activities.


Press visits to the European Parliament

Visitors Program

We have a journalist visitors' program which helps cover the cost of travel and accommodation for journalists visiting the Parliament when it meets in session in Brussels or Strasbourg.

Journalists are also invited to visit the European Parliament audio visual studios whose services include:
- live video recording of plenary sessions (both satellite & web transmission)
- committee meetings (web streamed live & VOD)
- broad news coverage of events available on the EbS satellite service
- audio recordings (& podcasts) of meetings/events and photo reportages.

We also invite student journalists over to both Brussels and Strasbourg on educational trips.

See below an account of such a visit to Strasbourg which took place in January 2020 as well as content generated by the students themselves during their visit.

A group of 30 student journalists from NUI Galway and Dublin City University visited Strasbourg for two days where they met with MEPs, other journalists and other stakeholders. Here is what they have to say:

Dan, Student: "Great trip, fantastic opportunity. Hope it keeps running in future years!"

Tom, Lecturer: "It was a great trip and lots of valuable learning."

Anonymous: "The highlight of the visit for me was the opportunity to contact some prominent politicians. It was very thrilling and interesting to meet many of them."

Anonymous:"I was very satisfied with the whole experience and found it very beneficial overall. It was very beneficial getting to talk to MEP’s and to see parliament in session. What I enjoyed most was how busy we were kept interviewing politicians etc. It never felt like we were hanging around at any point and it felt more like work experience than a school trip."

For an overview of the trip from NUI Galway's perspective, please click here.


Press-seminars on current topics

The press service of the European Parliament provides seminars in Strasbourg and Brussels for full-time journalists.

The seminars are usually linked to a specific topical legislative procedure and theme. Recent examples in 2019 included the European Parliament's Lux Film Prize, the Sakharov prize, Commission hearings and many more. All seminars cover certain fundamentals of the EU Parliament and the legislative process. The focus is on detailed information on the content of each legislative procedure and includes participation of the MEPs who are rapporteurs or members of the Committees responsible for the legislation.

If you are interested in visiting the plenary session, participating in a seminar or would like more information about upcoming seminars, please contact our Press Officer.