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Strasbourg International Airport (Entzheim)

Strasbourg International Airport (Entzheim) is situated 10K from Strasbourg city centre.

Strasbourg International Airport

A shuttle train connects the airport with the main railway station in Strasbourg in 9 minutes

Airport shuttle train

Six tram lines (A, B C, D, E, F) connect all corners of the city of Strasbourg.  To get to the European Parliament from the railway station:

Take Line C from "Gare Centrale"to "Neuhof Rodolphe Reuss"
Get off at "Républic"
Take Line E from "Républic" to "Robertsau Boecklin"
Get off at «Parlement européen"

Map of tram network
Strasbourg Tourist Office

During the plenary session, the Tourist Office (Office du Tourisme) also has a stand at the European Parliament (Winston Churchill Building, Ground Floor).