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Ambassador School Programme

The European Parliament Ambassador School Programme is a network of schools across the EU raising awareness of European parliamentary democracy and European citizenship values.  The programme is suitable for Transition Year students.  Over 70 schools in Ireland are taking part this year.

What’s involved?

Senior Ambassadors (teachers) take students through the Ambassador School workbook provided by the European Parliament.

Junior Ambassadors set up an EU Info Point which may be web-based or on school premises.

Junior Ambassadors organise a Europe Day event, for example,

  • European music festival
  • European food tasting day
  • Debate on a European issue
  • Meet your MEP
  • EU Quiz
  • Mock European election

Schools are encouraged to E-Twin with other schools in the programme across the EU.  An optional activity is to follow the European Parliament on Facebook/Twitter and to post news, blogs etc.

Junior Ambassadors are selected by their teacher for showing enthusiasm and involvement in the programme throughout the year and receive a Junior Ambassador Certificate.  All other students completing the programme receive a Certificate of Participation.

Teachers receive training and an EPAS Handbook that introduces them to the role.  The training day is an opportunity to network with other teachers in the programme. 

School evaluations are carried out and each successful school is awarded an EPAS plaque at the EPAS Awards Day.  Schools unable to attend are encouraged to invite an MEP to the school to present the plaque on behalf of the European Parliament (e.g. at their TY Graduation Day).

To be included on the list for 2020-2021 academic year please email






Ambassador Schools in Ireland 2019-2020