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ROMA - Aperte le iscrizioni ai colloqui di ammissione ai Seminari di Studio e al FORUM AESI 2021/22. 

Immagine di studenti e professori della LEBANON UNIVERSITY COOPERATION FOR PEACE
Seminari di studio AESI - un gruppo di studentiLEBANON UNIVERSITY COOPERATION FOR PEACE

ROME - Registrations for admission interviews for Study Seminars and AESI FORUM 2021/22 are open. This is not the usual Master or Course to talk about peace and inter-cultural dialogue in crisis areas.

How much utopia and theory in our Courses also in prestigious Universities where to talk about what happens in distant or nearby crisis areas with the usual pretense of understanding what is happening among those poor populations torn apart by eternal conflicts often maneuvered by distant powers. 

Drawing from history books and international law is important, listening to journalists who have now become university teachers is the easiest thing. But instead promote a new culture of solidarity promoted in the classrooms of the world, among those people who suffer and who need help! 

This is the new University promoted by AESI where students are asked to learn from UN Generals, from Ambassadors and Professors  who have been called to resolve international crises : to the students AESI we ask to became ambassadors of a new culture of peace and solidarity while they are still students : Sarajevo, Belgrade, Beirut, Jerusalem, everywhere there are young people need of change for better future !

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Pubblicato il 22 settembre 2021