Last update/Dernière mise à jour:18/11/2004 - 15:46
Delegation for relations with the Mashreq countries
Délégation pour les relations avec les pays du Mashrek
Meeting / Réunion
24/11/2004 - 15:00 h.
Bruxelles - Salle

Ref. Type Title
1/ 351.250 OJ Draft agenda of meeting of 24 November en fr
1   FD List of members of Mashreq delegation en
1   FD Delegation from Lebanon fr
2/   PV Draft mintues of meeting of 27 October fr
3   FD CV of President Nabih Berry fr
3   FD CVs of President Berry and other Lebaese Parliament members fr
3   FD Background briefing note on Lebanon en
4   FD UN Security Council resolution 1559 en
4   FD Lebanese statement on 3rd EU-Lebanon Association agreement meeting - 24 February 2004 fr
4   FD Council statement on 3rd EU-Lebanon Association meeting - February 2004 en
4   FD Background briefing on Lebanon from 2003 fr
4   FD Parliament resolution on EU/Lebanon association agreement en fr
4   FD The EU's relations with the Lebanon - an overview en
4   FD Statement by Mr Javier Solana on the terrorist attack on Minister Hamadeh, Beirut, October 2004 fr
4/   FD Written question to Council on the Mugraby case - 2003 en
4   FD Answer to written question on Mugraby case en
4/   FD Beirut lawyers bar comments on Mugraby case fr
4/   FD Exchange of letters between Presidents Berry and Borrell en
4   FD Exchange of letters between the Maronite Patriarch in the Lebanon and President Borrell fr

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