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Delegation to the EU - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee
Délégation à la commission parlementaire mixte UE - ancienne République yougoslave de Macédoine
Meeting / Réunion
27/10/2011 - 09:30 h.
Strasbourg - SDM S5

1 DVDraft agenda for the preparatory meeting on 27 October 2011, Strasbourgen
2 DVDraft agenda for the 9th EU-FYROM JPC Meeting on 3-4 November, Skopjeen
3 DVDraft programme for the 9th EU-FYROM JPC Meeting on 2-4 November, Skopjeen
4 DVMinutes of the 8th EU-Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia JPC Meeting on 29-30 November 2010, Brusselsen
5 DVList of EU participantsen
6 DVList of Members of the Sobranie delegation to the EU-FYROM JPCen
7 DVList of civil society representatives invited by the EP delegationen
8 DVEuropean Commission: Enlargement Strategy and Main Challenges 2011-12en
9 DVProgress Report 2011 - Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedoniaen
10 DVEuropean Parliament resolution of 7 April 2011 on the 2010 progress report on the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedoniaen
11 DVCouncil of the European Union: Press release 4/10/2011: Council confirms agreement on economic governanceen
12 DVCommission Statement of 8/11/10 on EU amending Regulation (EC) No 539/2001 listing the third countries whose nationals must be in possession of visas when crossing the external borders of Member States and those whose nationals are exempt from that requirement (first reading)en
13 DVThe EU-The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Civil Society Joint Consultative Committee (JCC): Conclusions - 5th meeting, 18/10/11, Brusselsen
15 DVThe Global Competitiveness Index 2011-2012 rankings - World Economic Forumen

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