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Комисия по земеделие и развитие на селските райони
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Равенството между половете в рамките на външната политика и политиката на сигурност на ЕС (A9-0145/2020 - Ernest Urtasun) EN

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I endorsed this report. Our message is that we need European agriculture with simplified procedures and fewer rules for a market-oriented sector. The proposal includes measures to improve the current system of vine replanting authorizations and the School's scheme for fruit, vegetables, milk, and dairy products.

Обща селскостопанска политика - подпомагане за стратегическите планове, които трябва да бъдат изготвени от държавите членки и финансирани от ЕФГЗ и от ЕЗФРСР (A8-0200/2019 - Peter Jahr) EN

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The Common Agricultural Policy is one of the EU’s oldest and most important European policies.
The Commission proposal introduces a new delivery model under which Member states will be able to tailor their programmes. Member states will have to draw up a Strategic Plan covering the whole period, setting out how it intends to the objectives, using both in the area of direct payments and rural development. This means more responsibility for the Member States.
The Commission will approve each plan, and monitor progress towards objectives and targets using a set of result indicators agreed at EU level.
The changes to the Common Agricultural Policy bring new obligations and incentives for farmers in the field of environment and climate action, encourage organic farming by supporting small and medium-sized farms, and provide protection to seasonal workers in agriculture by making the payment of the subsidy to farms conditioned by respect for workers' rights. I voted in favour.

Обща селскостопанска политика: финансиране, управление и мониторинг (A8-0199/2019 - Ulrike Müller) EN

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I voted in favor of this report, one of the most important features introduced is a new complaint mechanism. Those who receive European funds for rural development will have a direct line with the European Commission for unresolved issues in the country. Beneficiaries who consider that they have been wronged in any way in matters related to the development of projects, the settlement of expenses, or even in the process of public tenders, will be able to file complaints directly to the European Commission.

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