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Deirdre CLUNE Deirdre CLUNE
Deirdre CLUNE

poslanecký klub Evropské lidové strany (Křesťanských demokratů)


Irsko - Fine Gael Party (Irsko)

Datum narození : , Cork

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Evropská agentura pro léčivé přípravky (A9-0216/2021 - Nicolás González Casares) EN


I supported this report which aims to reinforce the role of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to contribute to the EU health crisis management framework, by addressing the specific issues related to medicinal product and medical device sectors. This report calls for the implementation of coordinated, well-designed and large-scale clinical trials to obtain reliable evidence. In addition, this report calls for information on clinical trials and marketing authorization decisions to be publicized.

Nový EVP pro výzkum a inovace (B9-0370/2021) EN


I supported this resolution which welcomes the Commission's communication on a New European Area for Research and Innovation setting out strategic objectives and actions with the aim of reaching the goal of 3% GDP spending on R&I, to improve access to excellence for researchers across the EU.
This report calls on the Member States to adopt a Pact for Research and Innovation in Europe that includes commitments by 2030 and underlines that the COVID pandemic has demonstrated the importance of R&I cooperation and better connectivity, the need to improve synergies, to create a research enabling environment and to reduce the research gap between Member States.

Situace v Nikaragui (RC-B9-0400/2021, B9-0400/2021, B9-0401/2021, B9-0402/2021, B9-0403/2021, B9-0404/2021, B9-0405/2021) EN


I supported this report which underscores the seriously deteriorating conditions of human rights and democracy in the country in recent months, particularly, the arbitrary detention of pre-presidential candidates, activists, journalists and other democratic opposition leaders, as well as the dissolution of two political parties (Partido de Restauración Democrática and Partido Conservador). In addition, it denounces with concern the reforms made to the Electoral Law 331 and the appointment of new Supreme Electoral Council members deeply linked to the Ortega-Murillo regime, making this institution a biased and non-transparent body.
Condemns the adoption and implementation of the restrictive and punitive laws and calls on their immediate repeal.

Potlačování opozice v Turecku, zejména Lidově demokratické strany (HDP) (RC-B9-0406/2021, B9-0406/2021, B9-0407/2021, B9-0408/2021, B9-0409/2021, B9-0410/2021, B9-0411/2021) EN


I voted in favour of this report which outlines Parliament's ongoing concern by the constant attacks and pressure on opposition parties in Turkey, and particularly by the way that the HDP, including its youth organisation, has been specifically and increasingly targeted by the Turkish authorities, and condemns this repression against the HDP and any other Turkish opposition parties, which undermines the proper functioning of the democratic system. This report urges the Turkish Government to put an end to this situation and ensure that all political parties in the country can freely and fully exercise their legitimate activities in accordance with the basic principles of a pluralist and democratic system.

Vytvoření chráněných antarktických mořských oblastí a zachování biologické rozmanitosti Jižního oceánu (B9-0369/2021) EN


I supported this report which expresses full support for the efforts by the European Union and its Member States, Australia, Norway, the United Kingdom, Uruguay, United States and New Zealand to establish two new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Southern Ocean, in particular in East Antarctica and in the Weddell Sea, under the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). This report calls to intensify bilateral and multilateral efforts to secure support for the establishment of these MPAs in the following months, in particular with regard to CCAMLR members which have expressed opposition to the MPA proposal and also urges the Commission and Member States to use the establishment of these MPAs as a basis in the global negotiations under the Convention on Biological Diversity in the COP15 UN Biodiversity Conference later this year.

Porušování práva EU a práv občanů z řad LGBTIQ v Maďarsku v důsledku přijatých legislativních změn ze strany maďarského parlamentu (B9-0412/2021, B9-0413/2021) EN


I voted in favour of this report which describes new rules in Hungary as a clear breach of fundamental rights enshrined in the EU Charter of fundamental rights, the Treaties and EU internal market legislation. This report calls on the Commission to launch an accelerated infringement procedure and to use all tools in the Court of Justice, such as interim measures and penalties for non-compliance if necessary. In addition, this report urges member states to bring this matter to the CJEU should the Commission not act, and to launch an inter-state application to the European Court of Human Rights.

Stárnutí starého kontinentu – možnosti a výzvy spojené s politikou zaměřenou na stárnutí po roce 2020 (A9-0194/2021 - Beata Szydło) EN


I supported this report which outlines that the ageing of the population is one of the most significant challenges in the EU today and the coronavirus pandemic has further highlighted the problems that require special attention and stressed the need to include a special strategy for older people in EU activities. This report encourages Member States to make greater use of EU funds, such as ESF+ and ERDF, to adapt infrastructure and public spaces to the needs of older people. In addition this report also postulates the establishment of a Year of Dignified Ageing

Sankční režim EU v souvislosti s porušováním lidských práv (unijní Magnitského zákon) (B9-0371/2021) EN


I voted in favour of this report which welcomes the adoption of the EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime (EU GHRSR) as an essential addition to the EU’s human rights and foreign policy toolbox, which strengthens the EU’s role as a global human rights actor by allowing it to take restrictive measures against legal and natural persons involved in serious human rights violations everywhere in the world. This report calls on the Commission to come forward with a legislative proposal to amend the current EU GHRSR legislation extending its scope to acts of corruption and stresses the need for all EU Member States to interpret the application and enforcement of sanctions and urges the Commission, in its role as guardian of the Treaties, to ensure that national penalties for breaching EU sanctions are effective, proportionate and dissuasive.

Evropský právní rámec pro klima (Jytte Guteland - A9-0162/2020) EN


. ‒ I voted in favour of this report which increases the EU’s target for reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 from 40% to at least 55%, compared to 1990 levels. It gives European citizens and businesses the legal certainty and predictability they need to plan for this transition as after 2050, the EU will aim for negative emissions.
Additionally, this report provides for an upcoming proposal from the Commission on the LULUCF Regulation to regulate GHG emissions and removals from land use, land use change and forestry and which will increase EU carbon sinks. Also, given the importance of independent scientific advice, and on the basis of a proposal from Parliament, a European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change will be set up to monitor progress and to assess whether European policy is consistent with these objectives.

Úřední kontroly zvířat a produktů živočišného původu vyvážených ze třetích zemí do Unie s cílem zajistit dodržování zákazu určitých použití antimikrobik (A9-0195/2021 - Pascal Canfin) EN


I supported this report which will enable all the necessary controls to be in place with regard to imported animals and animal products at the same time as the regulation on veterinary medicinal products which will apply from 28 January 2022.