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Irland - Independents for change (Irland)

Fødselsdato : , Wexford

Skriftlige stemmeforklaringer Mick WALLACE

Medlemmerne kan afgive en skriftlig forklaring af, hvordan de har stemt på plenarmødet. Forretningsordenens artikel 194

Indsigelse, jf. forretningsordenens artikel 111, stk. 3: Klassificering, mærkning og emballering af stoffer og blandinger - titandioxid (B9-0071/2020) EN


. ‒ Titanium dioxide is used in many products and processes, mainly as a white colorant in paints, plastics, paper, toothpaste, pharmaceuticals, and even in some food.
The World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer says that titanium dioxide is a ‘possible carcinogen for humans’. The French Government, backed by the European Chemicals Agency, considers titanium dioxide to be a ‘suspected carcinogenic’ when inhaled. A Commission delegated act wants to classify the substance as a ‘carcinogen category 2’ by inhalation, meaning it needs to be labelled as such.
The ECR group is objecting to this delegated act.
The classification of titanium dioxide by the EU as a ‘suspected carcinogen’ would not lead to a ban, or even to restrictions on the chemical or its use. It would simply mean that products containing it need to be clearly labelled as potentially carcinogenic, to provide information to workers and consumers.
ECR claim the science is unclear. That is nonsense. The only other people who are objecting to this are industry lobbyists.