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Indgåelse af frihandelsaftalen mellem EU og Vietnam (beslutning) (A9-0017/2020 - Geert Bourgeois) EN


The EU Vietnam trade package represents the most ambitious trade and investment agreement ever concluded with a developing country, creating a benchmark for the whole ASEAN region. The agreements will bring strong economic opportunities for consumers and business in both Vietnam and Europe.
I strongly welcome the actions of the Parliament in taking strong action in relation to labour rights and human rights concerns. The agreement commits Vietnam to standards for sustainable development, including improving its human rights record, protecting labour rights and upholding its pledges to deal with climate change issues under the Paris accord.
In particular, I commend the work of my colleagues in the RENEW Group in seeking and securing clear commitments from Vietnam on labour rights and human rights. Human rights activists based in Vietnam have stressed that the EU could best help bring change by engaging strongly with the country.
Creating a closer, formal and enhanced dialogue via these trade agreements will allow the EU to leverage economic relations to influence other areas of cooperation, such as human rights.

Situationen i Venezuela efter det ulovlige valg af nationalforsamlingens nye formand og præsidium (parlamentarisk kup) (B9-0051/2020, B9-0052/2020, B9-0053/2020, RC-B9-0048/2020, B9-0048/2020, B9-0049/2020, B9-0050/2020) EN


I voted in favour of this resolution for one primary reason - Democracy in Venezuela is being attacked The global community, bar a few rogue outliers, has rightly condemned the outrageous abuse of power in that country, and the human rights abuses that are being perpetuated on the people of Venezuela.
Since Maduro first came to power in 2013, there have been an increase in human rights abuses, and a shrinking of the civil and political spheres. He has stifled dissent, targeted the opposition and presided over the collage of the local economy.
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Repeatedly, socialist dictators come to power promising the sun the moon and the stars, and we get the same result: the collapse of economies and the abuse of human rights.
The proven oil reserves in Venezuela are recognised as the largest in the world, totalling 300 billion barrels.
The United Nations Human Rights Office has denounced ‘widespread and systematic use of excessive force’ against demonstrators, saying security forces and pro-government groups were responsible for the deaths of at least 73 protesters.
The EU must send a strong and clear message that it supports democracy, the rule of law and opposed dictators.

COP15 under konventionen om den biologiske mangfoldighed – Kunming (2020) (B9-0035/2020) EN


Today, I voted broadly in favour of a resolution ahead of the UN biodiversity conference (COP15). I voted in favour of strong legally binding targets at global and EU level to increase ambition and ensure that post-2020 action on global biodiversity will be effective. We need credible actions on biodiversity conservation and restoration so that the EU meet its targets and stops the current trajectory of biodiversity loss.
The resolution calls on the von der Leyen Commission to move away from voluntary commitments and to propose an ambitious and inclusive Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 that sets legally binding targets for the EU and its Member States. I expect the EU to make nature protection and restoration a top priority in the European Green Deal alongside climate change, and to restore at least 30% of degraded ecosystems by 2030.

Valg af Kommissionen EN


Today I voted to elect the new College of Commissioners. President von der Leyen’s college is the most gender—balanced and climate conscious there has been. While it is not perfect, it is a positive step in the right direction and will set a standard for future Commissions. It is now time for the commissioners to act on their commitments and deliver for the EU. I look forward to working constructively with the commissioners over the coming five years.

Aftale mellem EU og Ukraine om ændring af de handelspræferencer for fjerkrækød og tilberedt fjerkrækød, der er fastsat i associeringsaftalen mellem EU og Ukraine (A9-0024/2019 - Enikő Győri) EN


. ‒ I fully support the measures in this agreement to close an existing loophole on a ‘novel cut’ of chicken breast. There is an urgent need to halt the unlimited duty-free import from the Ukraine of these so-called custom chicken cuts. This legal loophole is putting significant and unfair pressure on European poultry producers and undermines the commitments given to the sector that trade deals are based on a fair and rules-based trading system. I voted to support this agreement as this modification ensures that EU producers will be protected in the future against unlimited imports of poultry meat.

Fjernsalg af varer og visse indenlandske leveringer af varer (A9-0019/2019 - Ondřej Kovařík) EN


I voted in favour of the report on the distance sales of goods and certain domestic supplies of goods to ensure that we have a VAT regime that is fit for the digital age.
Updating the e-commerce rules will simplify VAT procedures across the single market and will make it easier to buy and sell goods cross-border. This legislation will also help to close existing loopholes to ensure that VAT collection is more effective.

Kriminalisering af seksualundervisning i Polen (B9-0166/2019, B9-0167/2019, B9-0168/2019) GA


. – Agus tacaíocht á tabhairt don rún seo agam, aithním an chaoi a bhféadfadh cáineadh ó Pharlaimint na hEorpa cur le bréaginsint de chuid na heite fíordheise sa Pholainn go bhfuil an tAontas, ar bhealach, ag déanamh bulaíocht ar a dtír.
Mar sin féin, ní mór dom tacú leis an rún seo 100% (‘céad fán gcéad’) de bhrí go bhfuil, mar Bhallstát den Aontas, oibleagáidí áirithe le comhlíonadh ag an bPolainn.
Le togra reachtach na Polainne, comhcheanglaítear go hearráideach gníomhaíocht in aghaidh péidifilia le fáil a bheith ar ghnéasoideachas agus ar oideachas sláinte atáirgthe ar bhealach a oireann dá n-aois.
Mar gheall ar bhearta a rialtais, nó dá gceal sin, cuirfear aos óg na Polainne faoi mhíbhuntáiste. Is é an easpa oideachais, seachas soláthar oideachais, is cúis le torthaí nach bhfuiltear ag súil leo.
Ba cheart do shaoránaigh uile na hEorpa an t-eolas agus na scileanna is gá a fháil chun dul i ngleic le saol an lae inniu. Mura gcuirtear ar fáil gnéasoideachas agus oideachas sláinte atáirgthe ar bhealach a oireann dá n-aois, tosóidh an t-aos óg ag brath ar an idirlíon chun eolas a fháil ar chúrsaí den sórt sin. Cúis mhór bhuartha a bheadh ann, gan amhras.

Status for offentliggørelsen af selskabsskatteoplysninger for visse virksomheder og filialer - offentlig landeopdelt rapportering (B9-0117/2019) EN


I voted against this motion for two primary reasons.
1. This is not an accountancy matter; it is a tax matter. The proposal, as constructed, does not comply with the principle of subsidiarity. This is an attempt to bring about changes to Irish tax law via the back door.
2. There are already discussions taking place at an OECD level, which I believe is a better forum to discuss these matters, as it affects both EU and non-EU based companies. Having a global response to this issue will lead to better outcomes.
I do not have an ideological objection to public country-by-country reporting of tax by companies; I have an objection to the EU encroaching on Member States’ competences in the area of tax.

Den Europæiske Fond for Tilpasning til Globaliseringen (2014-2020) (A9-0015/2019 - Vilija Blinkevičiūtė) EN


. – ‒ I voted in favour of this resolution for two primary reasons. One, Irish SMEs will be affected by the British decision to leave the European Union. They must be supported at a European level to meet these challenges head on. The EGAF does just that.
Secondly, the EGAF should be used to support the economy of the Irish Midlands region and other parts of the country, such as County Clare, which are experiencing a transition from economic activities based on the burning of fossil fuels such as peat, for example.
A just transition is urgently required to ensure that communities do not suffer in the short term and that in the long term, new economic models with well-paying, sustainable jobs are created. I will work with my colleagues in Dáil and Seanad Éireann to ensure that the EGAF is utilised as much as possible to support at-risk communities.

Fiskeritilladelser til EU-fiskerfartøjer i Det Forenede Kongeriges farvande og fiskeri, der udøves af Det Forenede Kongeriges fiskerfartøjer i EU-farvande (A9-0014/2019 - Chris Davies) EN


. – This is a common-sense proposal aimed at maintaining the status quo in terms of fishing rights for Irish vessels in British waters, and vice-versa. Irish fishermen rely on access to British waters to earn a living. Any possible blockage to them earning a living is not acceptable.
This resolution has widespread support and will ensure that the status quo remains in place until a withdrawal agreement and/or future relationship agreement is signed between the UK and the EU. Additionally, this resolution maintains the requirement for all fishing to be carried out in a sustainable fashion.





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