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Ausschuss für bürgerliche Freiheiten, Justiz und Inneres
Delegation für die Zusammenarbeit im Norden und für die Beziehungen zur Schweiz und zu Norwegen, im Gemischten Parlamentarischen Ausschuss EU-Island und im Gemischten Parlamentarischen Ausschuss Europäischer Wirtschaftsraum (EWR)



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Stand der Zusammenarbeit zwischen der EU und der Republik Moldau (RC-B9-0240/2022, B9-0240/2022, B9-0241/2022, B9-0242/2022, B9-0243/2022, B9-0244/2022, B9-0245/2022) EN

Schriftliche Erklärungen zur Abstimmung

. – The Pirates in the European Parliament sincerely support the joint motion for resolution on the state of play of EU-Moldova cooperation. Furthermore, we highly praise the solidarity that Moldavians show to the Ukrainian refugees by opening their homes, although it has a significant impact on such a small nation.
We support the Commission to continue delivering humanitarian support through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and other financial aid and assistance. Furthermore, we support Moldovans toward energy independence, connectivity, diversification and efficiency as Russia uses an energy source to wield political pressure over Moldova. Moreover, we support the deepening of the EU-Moldova relations. However, we would like to distance ourselves from the language in paragraph 27, commending the authorities for the temporary ban on several disinformation websites.
The Pirates themselves highly recognise the danger of disinformation and work on the matter of prevention. However, bans on websites are an attractive but ineffective short-sighted solution that does not answer the deep-rooted problems of disinformation and creates dangerous precedents for the future. Unfortunately, we could not vote paragraph 27 separately. But, sometimes, we must weigh the overall positives of a resolution. Therefore, after careful consideration, the Pirate delegation voted in favour of the resolution.

Künstliche Intelligenz im digitalen Zeitalter (A9-0088/2022 - Axel Voss) EN

Schriftliche Erklärungen zur Abstimmung

. – The report concludes an in-depth work on Artificial Intelligence in order to fully grasp the drawbacks and opportunities that this new technology represent. We welcome calls to build a legislation on AI at workplace, the promotion of digital literacy, mentions of safeguards for the processing of health data in terms of legal redress, consent, anonymisation and discrimination... We also do believe that AI will prove to be crucial to accompany the green transition. We therefore commend the mention of education, up-skilling and reskilling while ensuring gender diversity.
As Pirates, we recall that the use of AI to stem the tide of fake news and hate speech has to be taken cautiously. As stated in the report, current AI performances in terms of context-specific content are poor. Therefore, implementing such technology to content filters leads to an over-removal phenomenon, which is detrimental to freedom of speech. We must bar their use. AI can be useful to detect and flag patterns, while still being subject to human decisions when freedom of speech is at stake.
We regret that our support to initiatives banning facial recognition for law enforcement purposes, or to mitigate statements on intellectual property law strengthening, did not go through.

Patrick BREYER
Patrick BREYER


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