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Renew Europe Group


Finland - Svenska folkpartiet (Finland)

Date of birth : , Ekenäs

Past meetings Nils TORVALDS

Upcoming batteries regulation
- Video call
Member - ENVI
Eurobat EU Transparency Register Number 39573492614-61
The EU Climate Law
- Video call
Rapporteur - ENVI - EU Climate Law 2020/0036(COD)
European Chemical Industry Council - EU transparency no 64879142323-90,  Kemianteollisuus ry (Chemical Industry Federation of Finland) - EU transparency no 07682415745-25
Cooperation on topics concerning the Baltic Sea
- Karsmakers
Member - ENVI
Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe
Organic farming, CAP, Farm to Fork Strategy
- Video call
Member - ITRE
IFOAM Organics Europe
Green Deal, European Climate law
- Video call
Shadow rapporteur - ENVI - 2020/0036 (COD) Climate Law
SHELL,  Helen Bray,  Ivan Martin
European Green Deal, Decarbonisation of cement industry, Climate law, Circular Economy, Carbon border adjustment mechanisms
- Video call
Shadow rapporteur - ENVI ITRE - 2020/0036 (COD) Climate Law
CEMBUREAU – the European cement industry association EU Transparency Register No: 93987316076-63
Climate Law, Green Recovery post COVID
- Video call
Shadow rapporteur - ENVI - 2020/0036 (COD) Climate Law
First Solar,  Jessica O’Flynn,  Leah Charpentier
Medicines shortages, COVID-19
- Video call
Member - ENVI
European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA),  Vaccines Europe (VE),  Elizabeth Kuiper (EFPIA),  Mihai Rotaru (EFPIA),  Anna Swierczyna (VE),  Magdalena de Azero (VE),  Sara Jakupovic (Acumen)
Forestry policy
- Video call
Member - ITRE ENVI
EU Biodiversity Strategy
- Video call
Member - ENVI ITRE
Finnish Forest Industries Federation,  Maija Rantamäki,  Tuomas Nirkkonen
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