Contributions to plenary debates - 8th parliamentary term Tamás MESZERICS

Speeches made during the plenary session and written declarations relating to plenary debates. Rules Rule 204 and 171(11)

EU-NATO relations (debate)

12-06-2018 P8_CRE-REV(2018)06-12(2-509-0000)

Situation of UNRWA (debate)

06-02-2018 P8_CRE-REV(2018)02-06(2-578-0000)

EU defence plan and the future of Europe (topical debate)

04-07-2017 P8_CRE-REV(2017)07-04(2-627-0000)

2016 Report on Albania (debate)

14-02-2017 P8_CRE-REV(2017)02-14(2-1733-0000)

A European Pillar of Social Rights (debate) HU

19-01-2017 P8_CRE-REV(2017)01-19(4-016-0000)

Situation in the West Bank, including settlements (debate)

22-11-2016 P8_CRE-REV(2016)11-22(2-642-0000)

Implementation of the Common Security and Defence Policy (debate)

22-11-2016 P8_CRE-REV(2016)11-22(2-685-0000)

2015 Report on Albania (debate)

13-04-2016 P8_CRE-REV(2016)04-13(3-709-0000)

Implementation and review of the EU-Central Asia Strategy (debate)

12-04-2016 P8_CRE-REV(2016)04-12(2-1068-0000)

Implementation and review of the EU-Central Asia Strategy (debate)

12-04-2016 P8_CRE-REV(2016)04-12(2-1085-0000)

2015 Report on the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (debate)

09-03-2016 P8_CRE-REV(2016)03-09(3-536-0000)

2015 progress report on Serbia (debate)

03-02-2016 P8_CRE-REV(2016)02-03(3-628-0000)

20th anniversary of the Dayton Peace agreement (debate)

16-12-2015 P8_CRE-REV(2015)12-16(3-820-0000)

Situation in Georgia (debate)

25-11-2015 P8_CRE-REV(2015)11-25(3-767-0000)