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Jonathan ARNOTT Jonathan ARNOTT
Jonathan ARNOTT
United Kingdom

Date of birth : , Sheffield

8th parliamentary term Jonathan ARNOTT

Political groups

  • 01-07-2014 / 15-10-2014 : Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group - Member
  • 16-10-2014 / 19-10-2014 : Non-attached Members
  • 20-10-2014 / 01-07-2019 : Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group - Member

National parties

  • 01-07-2014 / 18-01-2018 : United Kingdom Independence Party (United Kingdom)
  • 19-01-2018 / 16-04-2019 : Independent (United Kingdom)
  • 17-04-2019 / 01-07-2019 : The Brexit Party (United Kingdom)


  • 01-07-2014 / 18-01-2017 : Committee on Budgets
  • 01-07-2014 / 18-01-2017 : Committee on Budgetary Control
  • 19-01-2017 / 04-02-2018 : Committee on Budgets
  • 19-01-2017 / 04-02-2018 : Committee on Budgetary Control
  • 14-01-2019 / 01-07-2019 : Committee on Budgets


  • 17-12-2018 / 01-07-2019 : Committee on Constitutional Affairs

Main parliamentary activities

Contributions to plenary debates

Speeches made during the plenary session and written declarations relating to plenary debates. Rules Rule 204 and 171(11)

Motions for resolutions

Motions for resolutions are tabled on topical issues, at the request of a committee, a political group or at least 5% of the Members, and voted on in plenary. Rule 132, Rule 136, Rule 139, Rule 144.

Other parliamentary activities

Written explanations of vote

Members can submit a written explanation of their vote in plenary. Rule 194

Eurojust-Denmark Agreement on judicial cooperation in criminal matters (A8-0192/2019 - Claude Moraes)


I do not support the role of Eurojust and therefore felt it appropriate to vote against this proposal.

Coordination of social security systems (A8-0386/2018 - Guillaume Balas)


As I oppose harmonisation, I cannot support the principle of coordination of social security systems across the EU. On the amendments, I sought to vote to minimise the scope, and then I voted against on the final vote.

CO2 emission performance standards for new heavy-duty vehicles (A8-0354/2018 - Bas Eickhout)


I remain concerned by the nature of the European Union’s policies in regards to climate change. I still believe that they are not the right ones to achieve the stated aims, and therefore voted against.

Written questions

Members can submit a specific number of questions to the President of the European Council, the Council, the Commission and the Vice-President of the Commission/High Representative of the Union, for written answer. Rule 138, Annex III


Original signed/dated declaration archived by the European Parliament.