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Patrick BREYER Patrick BREYER
Patrick BREYER

Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance


Germany - Piratenpartei Deutschland (Germany)

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Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs
Delegation for Northern cooperation and for relations with Switzerland and Norway and to the EU-Iceland Joint Parliamentary Committee and the European Economic Area (EEA) Joint Parliamentary Committee


Committee on Legal Affairs

Most recent activities

OPINION with recommendations to the Commission on Digital Services Act: Improving the functioning of the Single Market

16-07-2020 LIBE_AD(2020)650375 PE650.375v02-00 LIBE
Opinions - as shadow rapporteur

Guidelines for the employment policies of the Member States (A9-0124/2020 -José Gusmão)

Written explanations of vote

. – In the EP’s opinion on employment policy guidelines for the Member States, we have expressed our opposition against one point on obligatory quotas, which called for the approval and implementation of the ‘Woman on Boards Directive’ with its target and sanctions mechanism. We believe that quotas do not constitute the right approach and may discriminate better qualified men and women. We believe skills and knowledge are the key aspects of qualification and they do not belong exclusively to one sex or the other. Every person should have equal access to positions according to their qualification without discrimination because of their gender, age, origin, religion etc.
The point we contested was part of a wider text, which at the same time included many provisions of gender equality, which we wholeheartedly support. Such as the ambition to close the gender pay, pension and employment gaps, and to value equally periods of maternity and parental leave in terms of contributions and pension entitlements. We also welcomed provisions that we strongly advocate for in order to increase the participation of women in the labour market, such as accessibility and affordability of childcare, suitable working environments and flexible working arrangements.

Patrick BREYER
Patrick BREYER


Ob TikTok oder andere soziale Netzwerke: Stoppen wir die Aufzeichnung unseres digitalen Lebens und die Ausspähung unserer Persönlichkeiten! Wir brauchen #Interkonnektivität, um uns aus der Abhängigkeit von Überwachungskonzernen zu befreien. Mein Statement: 

Let's stop TikTok as well as all other commercial social networks from recording our digital lives and analysing our personalities. We need #interconnectivity rules to break up the platform lock-in!