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Carmen AVRAM Carmen AVRAM
Carmen AVRAM

Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament


Romania - Partidul Social Democrat (Romania)

Date of birth : , Viseu de Sus

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Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development
Committee of Inquiry on the Protection of Animals during Transport
Delegation to the EU-Armenia Parliamentary Partnership Committee, the EU-Azerbaijan Parliamentary Cooperation Committee and the EU-Georgia Parliamentary Association Committee
Delegation for relations with Israel
Delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly


Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs
Committee on Fisheries

Most recent activities

European Climate Law (A9-0162/2020 - Jytte Guteland)

Written explanations of vote

I voted in favour of the EU Climate Law that establishes a legally binding target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In this way the EU Institutions and the Member States are bound to take the necessary measures at EU and national level to meet the target, taking into account the importance of promoting fairness and solidarity among Member States.
As the EU knows and recognises the different situations each Member States are in, it is important to have different energy mix.
The Climate Law also addresses the necessary steps to get to the 2050 target. In fact, based on a comprehensive impact assessment, the Commission has proposed a new EU target for 2030 of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% compared to levels in 1990. The Commission has proposed to include the new EU 2030 target in the Law.
There is always those who wanted less and those who wanted more. I believe this objective is ambitious and a real challenge for certain member states and sectors. My group has proposed amendments with a 60% reduction target and I supported it. I am conscious of the effort my country will have to make to reach this goal.

The European Forest Strategy - The Way Forward (A9-0154/2020 - Petri Sarvamaa)

Written explanations of vote

Unlike any other Green Deal’s strategy, the first EU Forest Strategy of the Green Revolution is free of costs: both for the Union and the Member States. Or, if you will, it only costs good faith, responsibility and understanding the times we live in.
This new EU Forest Strategy is a combination of all the elements that could transform Europe into a worldwide best practices model in terms of human-nature relationship. It acknowledges the importance of the sector in providing jobs and opportunities, while keeping in mind the environmental dimension.
It sends a tough message for those who have a habit to illegally log forests, it calls for the implementation of an EU-wide efficient wood traceability system and for the urgency to define, identify and strictly protect the last primary and old-growth forests of Europe. It makes it clear that only wood leftovers must be used for energy purposes.There is also an absolute first connection between agroforestry and the Common Agricultural Policy, with a recommendation for the Member States to use this opportunity at its maximum capacity in the favour of the farmer, the environment and the European citizens.
As an SD shadow rapporteur on this file, I supported this file in the plenary.