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Antonio Maria RINALDI Antonio Maria RINALDI
Antonio Maria RINALDI

Identity and Democracy Group


Italy - Lega (Italy)

Date of birth : , Roma

Curriculum vitae Antonio Maria RINALDI

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Curriculum vitae   (The MEP is solely responsible for the information published)

Updated: 03/08/2020

Education (qualifications and diplomas)

  • 1973 : Secondary school-leaving certificate in scientific subjects from the San Giuseppe De Merode Institute of the Fratelli delle Scuole Cristiane (FSC – Fratres Scholarum Christianorum), Rome
  • 1979 : Degree in Economics from LUISS University in Rome. Thesis on economic and financial planning, entitled ‘Causes of diversification and ongoing evolution of organisational structures in the FIAT Group’
  • 1979-1980 : Completion of military service as a reserve officer of the Guardia di Finanza military corps

Professional career

  • 1980-1982 : BANCO DI ROMA, Stock Exchange department at the bank’s head office
  • 1983 : FIGEROMA Romainvest International Fund, Luxembourg, Banco di Roma Group
  • 1984 : AMERICAN SERVICE BANK, Treasury official at the bank’s headquarters
  • 1985 : FIDEURAM, Central Italy Regional Manager for relations with the institutions
  • 1986 : CONSOB, Stock Exchange official at the Milan headquarters, responsible for market and intermediary inspections; active participation in the reform of the regulations governing the options market
  • 1986 : SOFID (Società Finanziamento Idrocarburi (Hydrocarbons Financing Company), ENI’s financial services parent company), director;
  • 1987 : devised and carried out the first issuance on the international market of a cum-warrant bond in eurolira for an Italian listed company (Italgas)
  • 1989 : SOFID, Deputy Managing Director
  • 1990 : SOFID Managing Director and member of the boards of directors of the ENI Group companies Serfactoring and Serfleasing; organised and oversaw the administrative procedures relating to the listing on the stock exchange of companies in the ENI Group, such as Saipem, Nuovo Pignone, Enichem Augusta, Immobiliare Metanopoli, Acque Potabili and Enimont, and the Group’s bond and convertible bond issuances; representative of the ENI Finance Department working with its Italian and overseas banking and financial counterparts to set up investment and underwriting consortia and for the Group’s financing operations; relations with institutions in connection with the authorisation of share and bond listings (Ministry of the Economy, Bank of Italy, CONSOB)
  • 1994 : E.N.A.V. (Italian air navigation service provider), member of the board nominated by the Ministry of Transport
  • 2012-2013 : Temporary lecturer in economics, MBA in law and sports management, Link Campus University, Rome
  • 2012-2014 : Temporary lecturer in corporate investment banking, Link Campus University, Rome
  • 2012-2018 : Temporary lecturer in corporate finance, G. d'Annunzio University, Chieti-Pescara
  • 2013 : Member of the Management Committee of Link Campus University Business School
  • 2014 : Member of the advisory board for the corporate management course at Link Campus University
  • 2013-2014 : Temporary lecturer in financial markets and WTO international trade, Link Campus University, Rome
  • 2014-2015 : Temporary lecturer in economic policy, University of Molise, Campobasso
  • 2014-2017 : Extraordinary professor of political economy, Link Campus University, Rome
  • 2015-2018 : Temporary lecturer in the organisation of economic processes, Link Campus University, Rome
  • 2018-2020 : Temporary lecturer (unpaid) in economic policy, Link Campus University, Rome

Other activities

  • 06/2011 : Publication of the book ‘Il fallimento dell’Euro?’ (‘The failure of the euro?’), Piscopo Editore Srl (three editions), winner of the 2013 Lucio Colletti Prize
  • 06/2013 : Publication of the book ‘Europa Kaputt! (S)Venduti all'Euro’ (‘Europe’s kaput – sold (out) to the euro’), Piscopo Editore Srl
  • 09/2013 : Academic publication: ‘A proposal to reduce the burden of Italian government debt’, Paolo Savona, Michele Fratianni, Antonio Maria Rinaldi – paper published in ‘Leve per avviare la ripresa’, Il Mulino Press
  • 05/12/2013 : Participation as speaker at the hearing before the Finance Committee of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, convened for Italy’s six-month EU presidency
  • 06/2014 : Academic publication ‘Il debito come vincolo allo spazio di manovra dello Stato italiano nel contesto europeo, motivazioni e prospettive’ (‘Debt as a constraint on the Italian Government's room for manoeuvre in the European context – reasons and outlook’), Paolo Savona, Michele Fratianni, Antonio Maria Rinaldi – paper published by Centro Studi Fondazione Magna Carta in ‘Riforme: Ultima chiamata’
  • 06/2018 : Publication of the book ‘La sovranità appartiene al popolo o allo spread?’ (‘Does sovereignty belong to the people or to the spread?’), Aliberti Press
  • 06/2018 : Participation as speaker at conferences on economic and financial matters organised by foundations and national trade associations, cultural associations and political parties and movements across the political spectrum
  • 06/2018 : Participation, at the invitation of European parliamentary groups, in a large number of public conferences at the European Parliament in Brussels
  • 06/2018 : Publication of economic and financial articles in ‘The world of Il Consulente’, house journal of the Italian Association of Employment Consultants, Link Journal of the university of same name, Charta minuta, Il Sussidiario, Intelligonews, and Scenari Economici, of which I am the domain holder
  • 06/2018 : Numerous interviews and articles in national newspapers and magazines, such as Il Sole 24 ore, Milano Finanza, Panorama, Agenparl, Libero, La Verità, Il Giornale
  • 06/2018 : Participation – always unpaid – in national television programmes (on RAI1, RAI2, SKY TG Economia, Canale Italia, Telenova, CNBC, LA7, Canale5, Rete4, TGCOM) and radio programmes (RADIORAI 1, RADIORAI 2, RADIO RADICALE) as an expert in economic issues, in particular those concerning the European Union