Parliamentary questions - 5th parliamentary term Daniela RASCHHOFER

Questions for oral answer with debate may be tabled by a committee, a political group or at least 5% of Parliament’s component Members . The addressees are other EU institutions. The Conference of Presidents decides whether, and in what order, questions are placed on the final draft agenda for a Plenary sitting. Rule 128

Basis for economic growth

05-03-2004 P-0842/2004 Commission

Accession of Latvia

27-02-2004 E-0725/2004 Commission

Benes Decree No 33/1945: the case of Hugo Salm

26-02-2004 P-0721/2004 Commission

Fiat works — special EU subsidies

03-04-2003 P-1353/2003 Commission

Sapard programme

27-11-2002 E-3367/2002 Commission

Subsidy fraud involving agricultural exports

06-11-2002 E-3167/2002 Commission

EU aid for Objective 1 regions

24-10-2002 E-3034/2002 Commission

Disaster fund for flood victims

06-09-2002 E-2474/2002 Council

EU funding for flood aid

05-09-2002 P-2539/2002 Commission

EU funding for flood aid

29-08-2002 P-2468/2002 Commission

Erasmus/Socrates grants

29-05-2002 E-1503/2002 Commission

Management of the Erasmus and Socrates programmes

29-04-2002 E-1220/2002 Commission

Subsidies for sports clubs

29-04-2002 E-1219/2002 Commission