Contributions to plenary debates - 8th parliamentary term András GYÜRK

Speeches made during the plenary session and written declarations relating to plenary debates. Rules Rule 204 and 171(11)

Common rules for the internal market for natural gas (debate) HU

03-04-2019 P8_CRE-REV(2019)04-03(1-146-7500)

The situation in Hungary (debate) HU

11-09-2018 P8_CRE-REV(2018)09-11(2-414-2500)

The definition of SMEs (debate) HU

03-07-2018 P8_CRE-REV(2018)07-03(2-603-5000)

A European Strategy for Low-Emission Mobility (debate) HU

14-12-2017 P8_CRE-REV(2017)12-14(4-102-3906)

CE marked fertilising products (debate) HU

23-10-2017 P8_CRE-REV(2017)10-23(1-096-2500)

The fight against cybercrime (short presentation) HU

02-10-2017 P8_CRE-REV(2017)10-02(1-145-7500)

Measures to safeguard the security of gas supply (debate) HU

12-09-2017 P8_CRE-REV(2017)09-12(2-063-0000)