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Parliament's Bureau 

Responsibilities as Quaestor: 

  • Members’ transport facilities, including car service, the Travel Agency, and facilities at Strasbourg and Brussels airports
  • ICT equipment for Members (including television facilities)
  • Sports centres situated on Parliament’s premises in Brussels and Strasbourg
  • Cultural and artistic events sponsored by Members, including charity sales
  • Relations with Intergroups and other unofficial groupings
  • Member of the Bureau Working Group on Information and Communication Policy
Committee on Employment and Social Affairs 
Delegation for relations with the Arab Peninsula 


Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs 
Delegation to the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee 
Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean 

Most recent activities 

Situation in Bolivia (RC-B9-0187/2019, B9-0187/2019, B9-0188/2019, B9-0189/2019, B9-0190/2019, B9-0191/2019, B9-0192/2019)  
Written explanations of vote 
Climate and environmental emergency (RC-B9-0209/2019, B9-0209/2019, B9-0211/2019, B9-0212/2019, B9-0215/2019, B9-0216/2019, B9-0218/2019, B9-0220/2019)  
Written explanations of vote 
David CASA  
David CASA 


  • On the same day we learn how @JosephMuscat_JM and his wife strongly campaigned for @RobertAbela_MT’s annointment as Prime Minister, we learn that Abela is now being led into meetings with @StewardMalta by Muscat - of all people. Will the real Prime Minister please stand up? https://t.co/bb8zsA3NqW 

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  • People who are liars according to Brian Tonna: the media, the FIAU director, the opposition, the foreign press and everyone who can read. People who are not liars according to Brian Tonna: Brian Tonna. https://t.co/Ie32zYlAHu 

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  • The more pertinent question is why on earth was Adrian Hillman on the state payroll when he is under formal investigation - along with @keithaschembri - for money laundering? Termination is just the 1st step. Now, investigate, prosecute and use the same yardstick with everyone. https://t.co/8zhLli6Tvi 

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