Contributions to plenary debates - 5th parliamentary term Patsy SÖRENSEN

Speeches made during the plenary session and written declarations relating to plenary debates. Rules Rule 204 and 171(11)

Women in south-eastern Europe

22-04-2004 P5_CRE(2004)04-22(6)


22-04-2004 P5_CRE(2004)04-22(9)

Question Time (Council)

10-03-2004 P5_CRE(2004)03-10(6)

Women's rights

21-10-2003 P5_CRE(2003)10-21(8)


04-09-2003 P5_CRE(2003)09-04(5)

DAPHNE II (2004 – 2008)

02-09-2003 P5_CRE(2003)09-02(13)

Poverty reduction in developing countries

14-05-2003 P5_CRE(2003)05-14(12)

Gender mainstreaming in the EP

12-03-2003 P5_CRE(2003)03-12(7)

Afghanistan: one year after the Bonn Agreement

15-01-2003 P5_CRE(2003)01-15(1)

Short-term residence permits

05-12-2002 P5_CRE(2002)12-05(1)

Daphne programme (2000-2003)

03-09-2002 P5_CRE(2002)09-03(12)

Sexual and reproductive health and rights

02-07-2002 P5_CRE(2002)07-02(14)


13-06-2002 P5_CRE(2002)06-13(4)


13-06-2002 P5_CRE(2002)06-13(4)

Security at international football matches

08-04-2002 P5_CRE(2002)04-08(4)

Women and fundamentalism

12-03-2002 P5_CRE(2002)03-12(7)

Area of freedom, security and justice

12-12-2001 P5_CRE(2001)12-12(2)