Reports - as rapporteur - 6th parliamentary term Helmuth MARKOV

A rapporteur is appointed in the responsible parliamentary committee to draft a report on proposals of a legislative or budgetary nature, or other issues. In drafting their report, rapporteurs may consult with relevant experts and stakeholders. They are also responsible for the drafting of compromise amendments and negotiations with shadow rapporteurs. Reports adopted at committee level are then examined and voted on in plenary. Rule 55

REPORT Report on the joint text approved by the Conciliation Committee for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on minimum conditions for the implementation of Council Regulations (EEC) Nos 3820/85 and 3821/85 concerning social legislation relating to road transport activities and repealing Directive 88/599/EEC

24-01-2006 A6-0005/2006 PE 365.140v02-00 CODE
Helmuth MARKOV