Contributions to plenary debates - 7th parliamentary term

Speeches made during the plenary session and written declarations relating to plenary debates. Rules Rule 204 and 171(11)

Use of armed drones (debate) DE

26-02-2014 P7_CRE-REV(2014)02-26(3-836-000)

Qatar: situation of migrant workers (debate) DE

21-11-2013 P7_CRE-REV(2013)11-21(4-372-000)

Situation in the Maldives (debate) DE

23-10-2013 P7_CRE-REV(2013)10-23(3-268-000)

Situation in the Central African Republic (debate) DE

12-09-2013 P7_CRE-REV(2013)09-12(4-370-000)

Situation in Syria (debate) DE

11-09-2013 P7_CRE-REV(2013)09-11(3-377-000)

Situation in Nigeria (debate) DE

04-07-2013 P7_CRE-REV(2013)07-04(4-422-000)

Amendment of the agenda DE

23-05-2013 P7_CRE-REV(2013)05-23(4-466-000)

India: execution of Mohammad Afzal Guru and its implications DE

23-05-2013 P7_CRE-REV(2013)05-23(4-490-000)

Situation in Egypt (debate) DE

13-03-2013 P7_CRE-REV(2013)03-13(3-194-000)

Nuclear threats and human rights in North Korea (debate) DE

13-03-2013 P7_CRE-REV(2013)03-13(3-250-000)