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Maria da Graça CARVALHO Maria da Graça CARVALHO
Maria da Graça CARVALHO

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Portugal - Partido Social Democrata (Portugal)

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16-02-2021 E-000932/2021 Commission
Written questions

Safety of the nuclear power plant in Ostrovets (Belarus) (B9-0109/2021)

Written explanations of vote

The Ostrovets nuclear power plant is located in Belarus near the border with Lithuania and at close proximity to other EU countries, such as Poland, Latvia and Estonia. Nuclear safety is a major concern for the Union, especially considering that many Member States decided not to consider anymore the production of electricity from this source. The plant started to generate electricity on 3 November 2020, despite multiple safety concerns still remain and despite the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) is still completing its assessment. The Belarusian plans are to distribute electricity also to the EU, but many concerns are still existing as it does not comply with the highest international environmental and nuclear safety standards. We cannot allow a bypass of European rules on safety, this is why I supported the resolution as the plant risks being a source of possible threat to our citizens. We need that Commission analyses properly the situation and considers proposing measures restricting electricity trade with Belarus.

Humanitarian and political situation in Yemen (B9-0119/2021)

Written explanations of vote

Yemen has been locked in rising tribal and political tensions and a bitter proxy war between Iranian-backed Houthi rebels and Saudi Arabia, bringing the wider region directly into a complex conflict. I supported the resolution because it condemns the recent attacks carried out by the Iranian-backed Houthi movement, as well as the repeated attempts to carry out cross-border attacks on the territory of Saudi Arabia, which undermine the international community’s overall efforts to bring this proxy war in Yemen to an end. The deterioration in Yemen’s political and security situation has caused the expansion and consolidation of the presence of terrorist groups in the country, including al-Qaeda and Daesh. I firmly condemn the ongoing violence in Yemen since 2015, which has degenerated into the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. We need an inclusive Yemeni-led and Yemeni-owned negotiation process involving all quarters of Yemeni society and all parties to the conflict.

Maria da Graça CARVALHO
Maria da Graça CARVALHO


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