Date of birth : , Sassari

Date of death :

7th parliamentary term Luigi BERLINGUER

Political groups

  • 14-07-2009 / 30-06-2014 : Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament - Member

National parties

  • 14-07-2009 / 30-06-2014 : Partito Democratico (Italy)


  • 16-07-2009 / 18-01-2012 : Committee on Legal Affairs
  • 25-01-2012 / 29-02-2012 : Committee on Legal Affairs


  • 16-09-2009 / 30-06-2014 : Delegation for relations with India
  • 19-01-2012 / 24-01-2012 : Committee on Legal Affairs
  • 01-03-2012 / 30-06-2014 : Committee on Legal Affairs


  • 16-07-2009 / 18-01-2012 : Committee on Culture and Education
  • 16-09-2009 / 16-04-2013 : Delegation to the EU-Croatia Joint Parliamentary Committee
  • 19-01-2012 / 30-06-2014 : Committee on Industry, Research and Energy


Contributions to plenary debates

Speeches made during the plenary session and written declarations relating to plenary debates. Rules Rule 204 and 171(11)

Mid-term review of the Stockholm Programme (debate) IT

02-04-2014 P7_CRE-REV(2014)04-02(3-099-000)

Mid-term review of the Stockholm Programme (debate) IT

02-04-2014 P7_CRE-REV(2014)04-02(3-129-000)

Common European sales law (debate) IT

26-02-2014 P7_CRE-REV(2014)02-26(3-010-000)

Reports - as rapporteur

A rapporteur is appointed in the responsible parliamentary committee to draft a report on proposals of a legislative or budgetary nature, or other issues. In drafting their report, rapporteurs may consult with relevant experts and stakeholders. They are also responsible for the drafting of compromise amendments and negotiations with shadow rapporteurs. Reports adopted at committee level are then examined and voted on in plenary. Rule 55

Opinions - as rapporteur

Committees may draft an opinion to a report of the responsible committee covering the elements linked to their committee remit. Rapporteurs of such opinions are also responsible for the drafting of compromise amendments and negotiations with shadow rapporteurs of the opinion. Rule 56, Rule 57, Annex VI

OPINION on the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online uses in the internal market

24-06-2013 ITRE_AD(2013)508223 PE508.223v02-00 ITRE

OPINION on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes (Regulation on consumer ODR)

21-06-2012 JURI_AD(2012)486178 PE486.178v02-00 JURI

Proposal for a Council regulation amending Regulation (EC) No 881/2002 imposing certain specific restrictive measures directed against certain persons and entities associated with Usama bin Laden, the Al-Qaida network and the Taliban

04-12-2009 JURI_AL(2009)430917 PE430.917v01-00 JURI

Opinions - as shadow rapporteur

Political groups designate a shadow rapporteur for an opinion to follow progress and negotiate compromise texts with the rapporteur. Rule 215

OPINION on the evaluation of justice in relation to criminal justice and the rule of law

11-02-2014 JURI_AD(2014)528063 PE528.063v02-00 JURI

OPINION on implementation of the Treaty of Lisbon with respect to the European Parliament

23-01-2014 JURI_AD(2014)524682 PE524.682v02-00 JURI

OPINION on the application of Directive 2005/29/EC on unfair commercial practices

27-11-2013 JURI_AD(2013)521684 PE521.684v02-00 JURI

Parliamentary questions

Questions for oral answer with debate may be tabled by a committee, a political group or at least 5% of Parliament’s component Members . The addressees are other EU institutions. The Conference of Presidents decides whether, and in what order, questions are placed on the final draft agenda for a Plenary sitting. Rule 128


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