Contributions to plenary debates - 7th parliamentary term Giovanni COLLINO

Speeches made during the plenary session and written declarations relating to plenary debates. Rules Rule 204 and 171(11)

Explanations of vote

12-05-2011 P7_CRE(2011)05-12(4-203-171)

Explanations of vote

12-05-2011 P7_CRE(2011)05-12(4-247-093)

Explanations of vote

11-05-2011 P7_CRE(2011)05-11(3-441-750)

Explanations of vote

06-04-2011 P7_CRE(2011)04-06(3-447-000)

Consumer rights (debate)

23-03-2011 P7_CRE(2011)03-23(3-267-500)

Guidelines for the 2012 budget - other sections (debate)

08-03-2011 P7_CRE(2011)03-08(2-032-000)

Industrial policy for the globalised era (debate)

08-03-2011 P7_CRE(2011)03-08(2-723-000)

2010 progress report on Croatia (debate)

16-02-2011 P7_CRE(2011)02-16(3-047-000)

Patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare (debate)

18-01-2011 P7_CRE(2011)01-18(2-489-000)

A new strategy for Afghanistan (debate)

15-12-2010 P7_CRE(2010)12-15(3-569)

Trafficking in human beings (debate)

14-12-2010 P7_CRE(2010)12-14(2-108)

2011 budget (debate)

23-11-2010 P7_CRE(2010)11-23(2-450)