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Assistants Type Members
Local assistants
Alexandra GEESE
David Frantisek WAGNER
Accredited assistants
Mikuláš PEKSA
Florian WAGNER
Accredited assistants
Juergen WAGNER
Service providers
Accredited assistants
Lisa Maria WAGNER
Accredited assistants
Local assistants
Angelika NIEBLER
Fionn Arthur WALLACE
Accredited assistants
Clare DALY
Helena WANAT
Local assistants
Monika WANG
Accredited assistants
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Assistants to the Vice-Presidency/to the Quaestorate
Assistants to Vice-Presidents and Quaestors are temporary agents of the European Parliament who assist the Vice-President or Quaestor in the exercise of their duties as a Vice-President or Quaestor, in particular in relation with meetings of the Bureau, the Quaestors or their working groups, and their specific portfolios. They work under the direction and authority of their Vice-President or Quaestor whom they can also accompany to missions, subject to specific conditions decided by the Bureau.
Accredited assistants
Accredited parliamentary assistants (APAs) are chosen by a Member or a group of Members and employed under a direct contract with the European Parliament. They are based on Parliament’s premises, in one of its three places of work – Brussels, Strasbourg or Luxembourg – and assist Members directly in their work, under their direction and authority and on a basis of mutual trust.
Local assistants
Local assistants are people who have concluded employment contracts with Members to assist them in the Member States in which they were elected. These contracts are governed by the national law of the Member State.
Service providers
Service providers are natural or legal persons who have concluded service contracts with Members to assist them in the Member State in which they were elected. The services to be provided must be targeted, detailed and directly linked to the exercise of the Member’s parliamentary mandate. These contracts are governed by the national law of the Member State.
Paying agents
Paying agents are natural or legal persons duly authorised in a Member State to manage, on a professional basis, the tax and social security matters (under the national law of the Member State and, where applicable, EU law) arising from the employment contracts or service contracts concluded by the Member.
Trainees are people who have signed a traineeship agreement with a Member. Traineeships contribute to education and European vocational training and promote a better understanding of the workings of Parliament. They can take place either on Parliament’s premises or in the Member State in which the Member was elected.
For more information, see section Staffing arrangements.