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Rumeenia - Partidul Social Democrat (Rumeenia)

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Liidu üldine keskkonnaalane tegevusprogramm aastani 2030 (A9-0203/2021 - Grace O'Sullivan) EN


I welcome the outcome of the negotiations and the success of the SD group in introducing in the text references to the minimization of social inequalities and to the European Pillar of Social Rights. I believe there is no Green Deal without a very strong social dimension.
It is now the European Commission to put forward the list of harmful subsidies, in order for the sectors depending on such financial support to adapt, to adjust their business and prepare the transition.
Until then, the fisheries, aquaculture and agriculture sectors need to be able to continue their work and start transitioning in a predictable way, without being exposed to uncompetitive disadvantages from their counterparts in third countries.

Euroopa Merendus-, Kalandus- ja Vesiviljelusfond (A9-0222/2021 - Gabriel Mato) EN


I welcome the outcome of the negotiations on the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund, and that we will be able to support the renewal of generations of fishermen from the Black Sea, and create the premises for a sustainable development of the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Europe, and implicitly in Romania. The Regulation I voted today will help the fisheries sector to adapt their businesses to face the challenges of the European Green Deal. This vote recognizes the importance of the fisheries and aquaculture sector in ensuring food security for Europeans.

Määruse (EL) 2017/625 muutmine seoses kolmandatest riikidest liitu eksporditavate loomade ja loomsete saaduste ametliku kontrolliga, et tagada antimikroobikumide teatavate kasutusviiside keelu järgimine (A9-0195/2021 - Pascal Canfin) RO


Am susținut un amendament prin care cere modificarea Regulamentul 853/2004, redând astfel posibilitatea micilor producători de pui și iepuri ca, dacă doresc, să-și sacrifice animalele direct în fermă, pentru a le comercializa în piețe sau la poarta fermei. Cu aceasta ocazie am reiterat mesajul ferm, transmis și în cadrul dialogului avut cu reprezentantul Comisiei Europene, în luna februarie 2021, că, pentru micii producatori, condițiile de autorizare sanitar-veterinare sunt o povară financiară.

Musta mere kalandussektori probleemid ja võimalused (A9-0170/2021 - Ivo Hristov) RO


Am sustinut acest raport, intrucat atrage atentia asupra nevoii urgente de conservare si refacere a stocurilor de sturioni, in special a exemplarelor salbatice. Momentul acestui vot coincide cu actualizarea listei rosii a speciilor in pericol de catre Uniunea Internationala pentru Conservarea Naturii. Pe langa masurile de salvare a sturionilor, raportul prevede sprijin pentru comunitatile de pescari pentru a face fata noilor provocari impuse de Pactul Verde European, dar și a crizei sanitare COVID-19, precum și masuri concrete pentru sustinerea investitiilor si a dezvoltarii lanturilor scurte de aprovizionare cu peste si fructe de mare.

Konkurentsipoliitika 2020. aasta aruanne (A9-0168/2021 - Johan Van Overtveldt) EN


I fully support this report.
It is a great result for citizens and consumers as this report addresses issues that will affect them directly.
I very much welcome that this report looks at and names the phenomenon and effect of buying alliances in the food sector.
This report calls for guaranteeing fair competition and greater transparency in supermarket and hypermarket chains’ commercial practices and abuses, particularly where such practices affect brand value and product choice or limit innovation or price comparability. This is will benefit positively our citizens.
This text voted also stresses that farmers should receive a fair price for their products; and to recompense fairly their hard work.
Finally, the text calls on the Commission to pay particular attention before concluding Free trade agreements.
We call for the strict application of the principles of reciprocity and compliance for agricultural products in ongoing and future trade negotiations. Our farmers should not be penalized and put in competitive disadvantage because of the huge differences in social, health, labor, environmental and animal welfare standards outside the EU compared to ours.

Isikuandmete piisav kaitse Ühendkuningriigis (B9-0272/2021) EN


The European Court of Justice last year found that the US data protection framework was not essentially equivalent to EU data privacy rules, and therefore overturned the Commission's Privacy Shield Decision.
This resolution raises concerns regarding the level of protection of personal data by the UK and the passing of data by platforms towards the US authorities for security purposes.
It is clear that for me as an MEP, I want to make sure that European citizens’ data is treated according to the GDPR rules and respecting privacy directive. We cannot accept the transfer of personal data to the United States where there is not the same level of privacy protection as in the EU. We call on the Commission not repeat the same mistakes by negotiating and signing off on data transfer agreements with third countries without sufficient level of guarantee and protection similar to the EU ones.

Hiina vastusanktsioonid ELi üksustele, Euroopa Parlamendi liikmetele ja parlamentide liikmetele (RC-B9-0269/2021, B9-0269/2021, B9-0270/2021, B9-0271/2021, B9-0273/2021, B9-0274/2021, B9-0275/2021) EN


I supported this resolution, which highlights once again the different abuse and violations that Chinese authorities are extending towards Uyghur people, the citizens of Hong Kong, Tibetans and Chinese dissidents or artists such as Ai WeiWei.
The resolution reaffirms that fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression, free participation in decision-making processes, academic freedom and the defence of human rights are pillars of our democracies and that these values will never be compromised in EU-China relations.
Inter alia the text urges the Chinese Government to ratify and implement International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention Nos 29 on Forced Labour, 105 on the Abolition of Forced Labour, 87 on Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise, and 98 on the Right to Organise and to Collective Bargaining. It also urges China to ratify the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Parlamendi õigus saada teavet riiklike taaste- ja vastupidavuskavade käimasoleva hindamise kohta (B9-0276/2021) EN


I supported this resolution to remind the Commission to fulfil its obligations under the RRF Regulation to provide Parliament with all relevant information on the state of play of the implementation of the RRF Regulation and to take into account any elements arising from the views expressed through the recovery and resilience dialogue, including the views shared by the relevant committees and in plenary resolutions. The European Parliament, as a directly elected body of the EU institutions, has the duty and the right to control and oversee the EC assessment of the national plans in order to safeguard EU citizens’ interests.
In order to ensure proper democratic oversight over and parliamentary scrutiny of the implementation of the RRF and greater transparency and democratic accountability, the resolution states that the Commission must regularly inform Parliament, both orally and in writing, of the status of the assessment of the national recovery and resilience plans.
I believe it is crucial so that our citizens better understand what is at stake in these plans and the future transformation ahead of us in our respective Member States.

Türgit käsitlevad 2019.–2020. aasta aruanded (A9-0153/2021 - Nacho Sánchez Amor) EN


This resolution takes note that in recent years and months, although Turkey is a candidate country, its government has pursued a continuous and growing distancing from EU values and standards.
Turkey’s unilateral actions in the Eastern Mediterranean against European Member States’ interests, as well as strong and at times provocative statements against the EU and its Member States, have brought EU-Turkey relations to a historic low.
This resolution confirms that the crucial area of fundamental rights and freedoms, which is at the core of the accession process, cannot be disconnected and isolated from the general negotiations. These steps backwards remain an obstacle in these negotiations.
The resolution states that the relations between EU and Turkey have deteriorated to such an extent that it requires both parties to profoundly reassess the current state of these relations.

Roheline digitõend – Liidu kodanikud (C9-0104/2021 - Juan Fernando López Aguilar) RO


Am susținut regulamentul privind certificatele digitale verzi pentru că:
1. Nu este restrictiv, certificatele de vaccinare putând fi înlocuite cu certificate PCR, certificate medicale de recuperare din boală și certificate de anticorpi.
2. Dacă nu există o procedură unică la nivel european, circulația cetățenilor în și în afara UE va fi mult îngreunată de proceduri vamale diferite, timp lung de așteptare și chiar de apariția riscului de a fi refuzată intrarea în statul respectiv.
3. Dacă nu se reglementează unitar, cetățenii statelor care au administrat alte tipuri de vaccinuri decât cele folosite majoritar ar putea fi împiedicați să circule.
4. Fără o metodă unitară, diverse state sau instituții și-ar putea stabili reguli proprii, foarte diferite, ceea ce deschide calea spre abuzuri.
5. Certificatul nu este obligatoriu, pentru că nici vaccinarea nu este obligatorie, deci el nu restrânge ca atare circulația, ci doar facilitează trecerea mai rapidă printr-o frontieră, ajutând statele să intre pe calea normalizării.
6. Acest regulament nu va împiedica subvenționarea testelor PCR dacă guvernele își doresc acest lucru.
Regulamentul nu este perfect și rămâne problema neclarității valabilității anticorpilor, dar este încercarea Uniunii Europene de a face un pas spre normalizare.