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Kirjalliset äänestysselitykset Clara PONSATÍ OBIOLS

Jäsenet voivat antaa täysistuntoäänestyksestä kirjallisen selityksen. Työjärjestyksen 194 artikla

EU:n strategia naisten sukuelinten silpomisen lopettamiseksi kaikkialla maailmassa (B9-0090/2020, B9-0092/2020) EN


We support this motion because we deplore female genital mutilation everywhere, wherever it is practiced or defended. The EU must push for an end to such an abhorrent deed, one of the most diminishing and violent made to women, and above all the young.

Ehdotus valtuutuksen antamiseksi aloittaa neuvottelut uudesta kumppanuudesta Ison-Britannian ja Pohjois-Irlannin yhdistyneen kuningaskunnan kanssa (B9-0098/2020) EN


. ‒ We support this motion because we also look forward to the best possible partnership between the EU and the UK. We do not wish to see any kind of punishment behaviour from the EU, and no distrustful behaviour from the UK. The EU and the UK have a historic opportunity to remake their relationship for the next decades, one of mutual respect and cooperation. This is what our citizens and businesses demand from MEPs and officials. In our case, the UK is Catalonia’s fifth destination in terms of exports, and nearly 40% of Catalan SMEs tend to export to that country. We will not let them down. Finally, we deplore and reject the point of this motion that says that any agreement as regards Gibraltar will need Spain’s assent. Gibraltar has been a British overseas territory since the beginning of the 18th century, and any agreement on Gibraltar will need the assent, mainly and mostly, of Gibraltar’s people.

Lemmikkieläinten laiton kauppa EU:ssa (B9-0088/2020) EN


We support this motion because the welfare of animals is linked to the welfare of people. Trafficking in animals, many of them not vaccinated or without the necessary permits and certifications, means trafficking in diseases. This report reminds us that more than 70% of new diseases are of animal origin. The saddest thing is that this matter could be avoided: the Commission must strengthen the implementation of Regulation 576/2013 and impose sanctions on those stakeholders who profit from this traffic. In addition, the illegal trade of pets in the EU undermines the proper functioning of the single market because there is a bad practice in the digital sale purchase. Finally, customs authorities should increase cooperation, communication and training between themselves in terms of pet trade, and we would like to encourage all those who read this that the best is not to buy a pet, but to adopt it.