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Alfred SANT Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT

Groupe de l'Alliance Progressiste des Socialistes et Démocrates au Parlement européen


Malte - Partit Laburista (Malte)

Date de naissance : , Sliema

Accueil Alfred SANT


Commission des affaires économiques et monétaires
Commission des pétitions
Délégation pour les relations avec les États-Unis

Membre suppléant

Commission des budgets
Sous-commission des affaires fiscales
Délégation pour les relations avec le Japon

Dernières activités

Politique agricole commune - aide aux plans stratégiques devant être établis par les États membres et financés par le FEAGA et par le Feader (A8-0200/2019 - Peter Jahr) EN

Explications de vote écrites

The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy remains today a very relevant and much needed tool for European farmers.
Since 2003, a third of EU farms closed down. It is therefore essential that the CAP is adapted to the current socioeconomic conditions of all member states.
Such adaptation has to include the needs of the different landscapes within the EU.
Unfortunately, both the original Commission Proposal on the CAP Strategic Plans, as well as the EP text amending it, fail to do so.
Specific to my constituency Malta, the derogation allowing the allocation of up to €3 million per year of voluntary coupled support remains missing.
Without this derogation, Maltese farmers would face massive drops of essential support that could mean the definite collapse of the sector.
It can no longer be denied that over the long term, EU membership has resulted in a steady erosion of the Maltese agricultural sector.
CAP interventions in Malta should be designed in such a way as to rectify the damage. There is no other way by which they would make sense.
On the basis of these concerns, I voted vote against both the Commission Proposal, as well as the final EP Plenary Report on the CAP Strategic Plans.

Graves menaces sécuritaires dues à la vente de passeports et de visas de l'Union à des criminels (débat) EN

22-10-2020 P9_CRE-PROV(2020)10-22(4-078-0000)
Contributions aux débats en séance plénière

L’avenir de l’éducation européenne dans le contexte de la COVID-19 (B9-0338/2020) EN

Explications de vote écrites

My vote has been conditioned by the following:
The pandemic has caused disruptions in education systems, exposing an entire generation of young people to huge discontinuities in their learning experience.
The ongoing digital transition in education was accelerated more than existing infrastructures were ready for.
Online classes have confirmed a digital divide among students, related to differences in access to digital devices, the quality of online teaching, unequal personal capacities to learn alone on a computer, and the class divide.
Reports stress that the too rapid switch to digital educational processes occurred in a context where 43 percent of Europeans still lacked basic digital skills. The digital education gap has exacerbated existing inequalities.
There is an opportunity to rethink the future of education but it has to be coupled to the priority of addressing the digital education gap. The European Council’s decision to slash flagship education programmes in the next long-term EU budget undercuts both opportunity and priority.
Moreover, the educational needs of remote and rural areas need to be given greater attention.
Finally, efforts should concentrate on ensuring that in-person learning can resume in a COVID-19-secure environment, in balance with ongoing online instruction, according to the latest best practice guidelines.

Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT


Governments can't be tasked with doing all to absorb the pain caused by Covid-19. It's astonishing that all are prepared to list what GOV should do, but few seem interested in committing for burdensharing, unless it is to state that without government help they will go under.

The furore over the Pope’s remarks on civil unions for LGTBIQ is inexplicable. Those who are usually vociferous on blind acceptance of what the Catholic Church/Pope say when this is of the socially conservative sort, have been now active to decry the Pope’s apparent endorsement..

We get lots of info on Covid19, what it’s doing to people, companies, governments. As well what’s being done to control & kill it. Truly lots & lots of info. But are we being given the crucial, most important parts of the info that is really available? Sometimes, one wonders.