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Josianne CUTAJAR Josianne CUTAJAR
Josianne CUTAJAR

Grúpa an Aontais Fhorásach na Sóisialaithe agus na nDaonlathaithe i bParliament na hEorpa


Málta - Partit Laburista (Málta)

Dáta Breithe : , Victoria

Baile Josianne CUTAJAR


An Coiste um Thionsclaíocht, um Thaighde agus um Fhuinneamh
An Toscaireacht don chaidreamh leis an Astráil agus leis an Nua-Shéalainn

Comhalta ionadaíoch

An Coiste um Iompar agus um Thurasóireacht
An Coiste um Fhorbairt Réigiúnach
An Toscaireacht don chaidreamh le Daon-Phoblacht na Síne

Gníomhaíochtaí is déanaí

Written explanations of vote

I voted in favour of general guidelines for the preparation of the 2021 budget as I believe they not only provide European citizens with an effective answer to the challenges posed by COVID-19, but also pave the way for a long-term recovery of Europe. I welcome the focus on tourism, SMEs and sustainable public infrastructure, which are key to the social, economic and territorial cohesion of our Union. Nevertheless, I reiterate my opposition to a system of own resources that does not take into consideration national specificities, as I deem that fiscal and tax policy decisions should be kept at the national level.

Written explanations of vote

I strongly voted in favour of this resolution as there is no place for racism anywhere in the world. It is high time countries including the United States and European states, come to terms with their history, including slavery, colonialism and imperialism and avoid whitewashing on their misdemeneaours and the hardship suffered by millions of people. Education is necessary but so is open interracial, interreligious and multinational debate. Whilst it is clear that the actions leading to the death of George Floyd in the United States do not represent all disciplined forces around the world, they do well to remind us in the vital role played by the police force in a democratic society. We should condemn and take action on police brutality wherever it happens as it risks to destabilise communities who feel less and less protected by the state. It is respectful dialogue and not violent conduct that will enable us to strengthen the ties among us beyond colour, race or language to live peacefully and in harmony together.

Written explanations of vote

I voted in favour of this resolution as freedom of movement is a key pillar of the European project. Any limitation to the smooth and ordinary enjoyment of such freedoms should always be questioned and limited. However, it is also true that the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented and member states took their decisions according to the advise of their medical authorities. This experience however, should serve as an important lesson for the European Union to build its resilience in case of any future crisis, including by forging common solutions to shared risks.

Josianne CUTAJAR
Josianne CUTAJAR


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