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Deirdre CLUNE Deirdre CLUNE
Deirdre CLUNE

Klub zastupnika Europske pučke stranke (kršćanski demokrati)


Irska - Fine Gael Party (Irska)

Datum rođenja : , Cork

Obrazloženja glasovanja (napisan.) Deirdre CLUNE

Zastupnici mogu podnijeti pisana obrazloženja glasovanja na plenarnoj sjednici. Članak 194. Poslovnika

Turizam i promet u 2020. i nadalje (RC-B9-0166/2020, B9-0166/2020, B9-0175/2020, B9-0177/2020, B9-0178/2020, B9-0180/2020, B9-0182/2020, B9-0184/2020) EN


I supported this resolution to provide more support for tourism SMEs and for health measures to help sustainably restore EU tourism

Prosvjedi protiv rasizma nakon smrti Georgea Floyda (B9-0194/2020, B9-0195/2020, B9-0196/2020, B9-0197/2020) EN


I supported this resolution condemning all forms of racism, discrimination and intolerance. Discrimination is counter to the values and principles upon which the EU is founded. We believe in an inclusive, fair and safe society for all. The EU can and should show global leadership in this respect

Preporuke za pregovore o novom partnerstvu s Ujedinjenom Kraljevinom Velike Britanije i Sjeverne Irske (A9-0117/2020 - Kati Piri, Christophe Hansen) EN


I supported this resolution. I believe transport is one of the most important issues for Ireland concerning any future relationship between the UK and the EU. We need an ambitious and comprehensive chapter on air transport that will allow for close cooperation in aviation safety and air traffic management. Laden and unladen goods vehicles should be free to cross from one territory to another. This will facilitate Irish vehicles crossing the UK Land bridge to mainland Europe and through Northern Ireland. Appropriate measures should be put in place to avoid threats to public order and prevent disruptions to traffic flows of haulage operators and coach and bus service operators. This underlines the importance of providing direct sea routes from Ireland to the continent and so reducing the reliance on the UK land bridge

Strategija EU-a za osobe s invaliditetom za razdoblje nakon 2020. (B9-0123/2020) EN


I was pleased to vote in favour of this resolution calling for the Commisison to coome forward with an ambitious disability strategy post 2020 that mainstreams the rights of all people living with disabilities into all policies and areas and equal access for people with disabilities to health care, employment, public transport and housing.

Osnivanje posebnog odbora o stranom upletanju u sve demokratske procese u Europskoj uniji, uključujući dezinformiranje, njegove odgovornosti, broj članova i trajanje mandata (B9-0190/2020) EN


I was pleased to support the establishment of this committee

Osnivanje posebnog odbora o umjetnoj inteligenciji u digitalnom dobu, njegove odgovornosti, broj članova i trajanje mandata (B9-0189/2020) EN


I supported the establishment of this committee. AI will have profound implications on Europe's future from the way we work and live to how we commnunicate and do business. It is essential that we are innovative when regulating this and that we excercise democratic oversight regarding these new technologies and their potential use and misuse

Zahtjev za financiranje biomedicinskog istraživanja mijalgičnog encefalomijelitisa (B9-0186/2020) EN


I was pleased to support this resolution, funding and further research could have a positive impact on the lives of those suffering with this condition and perhaps lead to improved treatment options.

Dodjela slotova u zračnim lukama Zajednice: zajednička pravila EN


. – I supported this measure regarding the allocations of airport slots. Airlines have seen a substantial decline in air traffic not just in Europe but worldwide as a result of the global COVID—19 pandemic. The measures I have supported today will cover an eight-month period and provide much needed certainty to air carriers during these challenging months ahead, protecting their grandfathering rights while also ensuring that we do not have almost empty passenger airplanes flying at great environmental cost per passenger.

Posebne mjere za mobilizaciju ulaganja u zdravstvene sustave država članica i u druge sektore njihovih gospodarstava kao odgovor na izbijanje covida-19 (Investicijska inicijativa kao odgovor na koronavirus) EN


. – I support this measure to make quickly available cash reserves in the European Structural and Investment Funds in order to help Member States fight the crisis and respond to the negative impacts on growth this ongoing crisis is causing. This measure will allow Member States to use the amounts not recovered under these Funds to accelerate investments related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Financijska pomoć državama članicama i zemljama koje pregovaraju o pristupanju Uniji ozbiljno pogođenima izvanrednim stanjem velikih razmjera u području javnog zdravlja EN


. – I supported extending the scope of the European Solidarity Fund in order to include major public health emergencies. This will define specific operations eligible for financing and include medical assistance and measures to contain the further spread of an infectious disease.