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Alfred SANT Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT

Gruppo dell'Alleanza progressista di Socialisti e Democratici al Parlamento Europeo


Malta - Partit Laburista (Malta)

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Gravi minacce per la sicurezza attraverso la vendita di passaporti e visti dell'UE a criminali (discussione) EN

22-10-2020 P9_CRE-PROV(2020)10-22(4-078-0000)
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Stato di diritto e diritti fondamentali in Bulgaria (B9-0309/2020) EN

Dichiarazioni di voto scritte

For the last six years I have been questioning the legitimacy of this kind of resolution, when applied to the Malta government for sure, but equally when applied to other governments.
If a judgement is going to be applied to any government system, it has to be based on a dispassionate, objective examination.
That process does not exist.
What happens is in my view, a polarised, politically skewed method, both at European Parliament and at Commission level.
I cannot but denounce the political hypocrisy which accompanies the process.
During this debate, we saw an esteemed member of the EPP, who has been at the forefront in blindly fomenting and promoting before this Chamber allegations, strictures and sanctions against the government of Malta, the country which she represents here, light a candle for the Bulgarian government and present now amendments in defence or mitigation of its position.
This is indefensible.
In the circumstances, in full coherence with my stance about a process, which I consider to still be a political charade, I had no hesitation to vote against the EPP amendments and to abstain on the final resolution.
In no way should this be taken as an explicit or implicit endorsement of what is happening in Bulgaria. To the contrary.

Potenziamento della Garanzia per i giovani (B9-0310/2020) EN

Dichiarazioni di voto scritte

I voted in favour of the EP Resolution on the youth guarantee because it is an essential element in the programme needed to provide protection for the future generations of Europe.
Youth unemployment has long been a grave problem in Europe.
It has been an issue in Southern Europe especially, but not only.
The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated the problem and is creating huge obstacles for young people when looking for meaningful employment.
The EU’s Youth Guarantee has in the past helped millions of young citizens to make it into the job market.
Given the track record of the Guarantee, the Council should revise its current inexplicable plans to dilute the strength of the guarantee.
Rather, the Guarantee should be reinforced by providing it with the necessary funds from the EU budget while ensuring they are properly spent.
Moreover, in the interest of maintaining the right social conditions around labour markets and while taking into account the current market dynamics, European decision makers should seek to eliminate all forms of social dumping.
The application of stricter rules in this area would serve to enhance job opportunities for European youths.

Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT


Much energy was expended to defend the term “burger” to veggie patties. A campaign was mobilised to lobby-yet some dumb ideas were tried out at EP to revoke the term burger from veggie-burger. As the term gives the impression they’re buying real burgers. It doesn’t really add up. 

The young have a case, this is the best time of their life or should be. Yet the pandemic is placing constraints. The last time this happened on this scale was during WW2. Question: how long will it last? My honest reply: As long as it takes, which is hardly a reassuring comfort.

In France & right over EU states which went liberal with controls on Covid in summer are experiencing worse 2nd waves. It's being said that the best approach should have been gradualism for some this is obvious for others its hindsight. True,nobody has a monopoly on common sense.

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