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Alfred SANT Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT

Europos Parlamento socialistų ir demokratų pažangiojo aljanso frakcija


Malta - Partit Laburista (Malta)

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Delegacija ryšiams su Jungtinėmis Amerikos Valstijomis

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Tvarios Europos investicijų planas. Žaliojo kurso finansavimas (A9-0198/2020 -Siegfried Mureşan, Paul Tang) EN

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I have voted in favour of this report despite some reservations.
Putting sustainability at the heart of investment decisions is essential. In the recent plan for a Capital Markets Union, it was key to ensure that investors would be putting into practice the set of criteria for investments with environmental objectives.
On the public side, governments are expected to build resilient and green infrastructures. Currently, the socio-economic impact of the pandemic has raised concerns that decarbonisation strategies could be jeopardised.
The fact is that, independently from the current circumstances, not all countries are aligned or start from the same point. This is why providing support to public administrations is essential. Reaffirming a strong commitment to the Green Deal is not enough to deal with the reality of the implementation on the ground.
The Just Transition Fund should continue being available to all regions, irrespective of their dependence on fossil fuels. No region should be punished because it could not afford to follow ambitious targets earlier on. One has to be realistic and accompany regions in the green transition, not penalise them.
Similarly, the targets for climate spending should be ambitious, feasible. Better, move forward incrementally than setting target spending that risk being impractical and deepen the existing divergences.

Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT

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The EU’s social policy is still grounded in the basis of the EU Common market, derived to enhance the workings of the market & to protect against negative effects, but hasn’t the ideal of a “social market economy” reached the limits of its usefulness for policy making?

Too many people have been left whistling for their money after having booked flights & tours prior to Covid19 & found later that they had to be cancelled. Under EU law, they should have been refunded. With much huffing & puffing,most refunds are still held in abeyance. Not fair

It was a good move by Prime Minister Robert Abela to appoint again #JustyneCaruana as a minister. She has the brains, the courage and the right political balance to still contribute a lot to the improvement of the welfare of the people.