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Slovākija - Progresívne Slovensko (Slovākija)

Dzimšanas gads : , Bratislava

Sākums Michal ŠIMEČKA


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Protesti pret rasismu pēc Džordža Floida nāves (B9-0194/2020, B9-0195/2020, B9-0196/2020, B9-0197/2020) EN

Rakstiski balsojumu skaidrojumi

I strongly condemn the death of George Floyd and similar killings that happened in recent years in the United States as well as cases of police violence accompanying the protests following Mr Floyd’s death. I regret to add, however, that structural discrimination of people of colour is not only omnipresent in the United States, but takes place equally in our region, despite anti-discrimination legislation being largely in place. Not only have recent reports of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights noted that people of colour commonly face racist harassment in their daily lives, but sometimes even Member State policies contribute to patterns of discrimination. The situation of Roma in Slovakia is a case in point. Effective inclusion of Roma children in compulsory school education and cases of police brutality demonstrate that racism is a serious issue in many parts of Europe.

Stāvoklis Šengenas zonā pēc Covid-19 uzliesmojuma (B9-0165/2020) EN

Rakstiski balsojumu skaidrojumi

In the last few months, the Covid-19 pandemic has put our common Schengen area under the biggest test since its inception. Decades of deepening common trust between the Member States have dissipated overnight in the form of uncoordinated and unilateral closure of internal borders. The emergency situation, of course, required emergency measures, but EU citizens rightly expected more coordinated and coherent action from the Member States. We must bear in mind that the Schengen area is a cornerstone of our freedoms and of the functioning of the single market and none of this will be sustainable if the first instinct of governments will be an immediate and unilateral closure of internal borders. I, therefore, believe that we must learn from this experience and start working on changes that will increase the resilience of the Schengen system in the future. Bearing this in mind, I supported the European Parliament resolution aiming at addressing these shortcomings.

Stāvoklis Šengenas zonā pēc Covid-19 uzliesmojuma (debates) SK

18-06-2020 P9_CRE-PROV(2020)06-18(2-123-0000)
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RT @RenewEurope: 🇦🇱🇪🇺Enlargement: We welcome the presentation of the draft negotiating frameworks for #Albania & North Macedonia. "The Negotiation Framework should emphasize the paramount importance of strengthening democracy, #ruleoflaw & fundamental rights." @MSimecka 👉 

This article by @TomasForro details the damning levels of incompetence and maliciousness brought onto #Poland by @pisorgpl. "The case of the Slovak counter-espionage centre in Poland is a symbol of government failure and the rule of law": 

The much anticipated @EU2020DE is here. I welcome the emphasis #Germany places on promoting and strengthening common values in the EU. From the EP I will support all initiatives aiming to establish an interinstitutional monitoring cycle on the rule of law. @MiRo_SPD @dreynders