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Alfred SANT

Eiropas Parlamenta sociālistu un demokrātu progresīvās alianses grupa


Malta - Partit Laburista (Malta)

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Jauns Eiropas Savienības 2021. finanšu gada vispārējais budžets (A9-0267/2020 - Pierre Larrouturou, Olivier Chastel) EN

Rakstiski balsojumu skaidrojumi

. – I voted in favour of the report on the new general budget of the EU for the financial year 2021 because it represents a good and balanced compromise that allocates much needed money in the context of agreed EU policies. In particular, it is very positive that the European Parliament secured an additional €183 million for areas related to transport policy, digital policy, environmental action, jobs, fundamental rights, gender equality, infrastructure, and humanitarian aid. Also very positive is the added addition of EUR 10.2 million for the neighbourhood and development policy. However, considering the unstable situation on both the Eastern and the Southern neighbourhoods of the EU, especially Libya, this addition remains relatively small. More is needed in this area in order to both assist our neighbours, as well as to prevent bigger and wider problems related to security and irregular activity directed towards the EU. Finally, to note that this is the first, hopefully the last, EU annual budget drafted within the context of tackling the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. We all hope for quick results, especially when it comes to funding dedicated to those sectors most impacted, such as tourism and SMEs.

Ilgtspējīga korporatīvā pārvaldība (A9-0240/2020 - Pascal Durand) EN

Rakstiski balsojumu skaidrojumi

I have voted in favour of this report, as society should be put before shareholders.
Nevertheless, I have some doubts concerning the outline of an EU corporate sustainability strategy.
A company is defined not only in relation to short-term profit maximisation, but also in relation to environmental and social challenges.
Long-term benefits and sustainability risks, also opportunities, are entirely part of a company’s strategy.
I believe many entrepreneurs out there are already on the go in this respect.
The rapporteur has put forward the need for an EU framework ensuring that the members of the administrative, management and supervisory bodies of undertakings have the collective responsibility to define a corporate sustainability strategy.
I agree that there should be in this regard a clear definition of a fair salary policy.
However, care should be given with respect to the establishment of advisory and monitoring committees that might end up asphyxiating European companies, already busy with heavy schedules of obligations.
For them, additional rules and administrative burdens would be detrimental to innovation and organic growth.
So, SMEs might be exempted from establishing such a committee.
Furthermore, I agree that any EU sustainability strategy should be based on facts, including measurable and scientifically based targets.

Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT

Vietnē “EP Newshub”

The @Europarl_EN rearguard action to still make its voice heard in the Brexit outcome is understandable but slightly bathetic. Has the #EP shown much relevance on this issue? Not really. But then one could also say that national parliaments have been equally sidelined...

#1 It’s good to note that cultural and artistic endeavours are still running strong. Art exhibitions, book publishing, musical performances have not disappeared... far from it... even as they have adapted to the constraints of Covid.

#2 Of greatest interest in this context was the holding of the Golden Knight Malta International Film Festival again this year. It’s an occasion that I remember featuring in the media from since when I was very very young.