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Tsjechië - ANO 2011 (Tsjechië)

Geboortedatum : , KYJOV

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Commissie economische en monetaire zaken
Delegatie voor de betrekkingen met Canada


Commissie vervoer en toerisme
Commissie burgerlijke vrijheden, justitie en binnenlandse zaken
Subcommissie belastingaangelegenheden
Delegatie voor noordelijke samenwerking en voor de betrekkingen met Zwitserland en Noorwegen, in de Gemengde Parlementaire Commissie EU-IJsland en in de Gemengde Parlementaire Commissie van de Europese Economische Ruimte (EER)

Laatste activiteiten

Passende bescherming van persoonsgegevens door het Verenigd Koninkrijk(B9-0272/2021) EN

Schriftelijke stemverklaringen

The free flow of personal data is a prerequisite for a trade and investment partnership between the European Union and the United Kingdom. In order to demonstrate that the UK has an equivalent level of data protection to the EU, an adequacy decision has been by the EU is necessary. I did not support the Parliament’s resolution in this case as the expiry of the existing bridging mechanisms without the introduction of a functional adequacy decision would significantly disrupt business activities in many economic sectors and create great uncertainty among Czech companies, for which the United Kingdom is an important trading partner. At the same time, it must be kept in mind that the data protection regime in the United Kingdom is in principle equivalent to that in the European Union and that the United Kingdom adopted the GDPR Regulation before leaving the European Union. I would hope that the UK will maintain equivalent data protection standards to the EU as we move forward.

Chinese sancties als vergelding tegen EU-entiteiten, EP-leden en parlementariërs (RC-B9-0269/2021, B9-0269/2021, B9-0270/2021, B9-0271/2021, B9-0273/2021, B9-0274/2021, B9-0275/2021) EN

Schriftelijke stemverklaringen

On the 22nd of March 2021, due to the crackdown on the democratic opposition in Hong Kong and the despicable treatment of the of Uyghur populations in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, the EU decided to sanction four Chinese individuals and companies for their role in the repression. China responded with a longer list of ten individuals including four MEPs. I firmly denounce the sanctions applied by the Chinese government and support the resolution on Chinese countersanctions that aims to condemn the unjustified sanctions against MEPs while urging a lifting of those sanctions by the Chinese authorities. In parallel, the resolution encourages Member States to impose targeted sanctions on individuals responsible for the crackdown on pro-democracy protests in Hong-Kong and underlines that as long as the sanctions remain in place, any hope of ratifying the Chinese Comprehensive Agreement on Investment will be off the table. Furthermore, it highlights the EU’s values and promotion of a rules-based multilateral order as well as taking steps to reduce our dependency on China in the long term.