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Litouwen - Lietuvos Respublikos liberalų sąjūdis (Litouwen)

Geboortedatum : , Vilnius

Schriftelijke stemverklaringen Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS

Ieder lid kan een schriftelijke verklaring over zijn stem in de plenaire vergadering indienen. Artikel 194 van het Reglement

Tenuitvoerlegging van de EU-waterwetgeving (B9-0401/2020) EN


I strongly support this resolution, as it calls for a full implementation of the EU legislation focused on responsible management and protection of water resources. The EU water legislation focuses on protecting the drinking water sites, setting requirements for water treatment and its reuse. It also aims to protect the biodiversity, particularly in freshwaters, which due to pollution caused by human activities and climate change is shrinking. It is of utmost importance that all the EU Member States follow the EU water legislation, as water resources are not of static nature, rivers flow ignoring national boundaries, and countries depend on one another for uninterrupted and quality water supplies.

EU-strategie voor de veiligheidsunie (B9-0421/2020) EN


I welcome the fact that the EU Security Union Strategy seeks to increase capacities of the responsible agencies and institutions to address the prevailing and new security threats. With many crimes emerging on digital space and targeting the youngest part of our society, we need to develop not only technology-based capacities and to adjust our legislation to bring to justice those responsible, but also to build societal awareness and resilience to digital threats. The EU’s internal safety is a multi-layer process requiring high competence, technological preparation, adequate funding, including for research, but most importantly - a strong cooperation among the Member States, responsible EU and national agencies and members of our society.

De noodzaak van een specifieke Raadsformatie voor gendergelijkheid (B9-0402/2020, B9-0404/2020) EN


It is highly disturbing how many forms of gender inequality prevail in Europe. It is obvious that the European Union needs a stronger action to protect and promote women’s rights and gender equality. We must be ambitious and achieve the gender equality in the EU faster than within projected 60 years. Therefore, it is crucial that in addition to the Parliament and the Commission, the Council also establishes a format within its on structures to enable ministers and secretaries of state in charge of gender equality to discuss and exchange best practices on how to protect and ensure women’s rights and achieve gender equality. We need a united and holistic approach on how to create an equal and inclusive European society.

EU-strategie voor aanpassing aan de klimaatverandering (B9-0422/2020) EN


I support this resolution urging the Commission to present the new EU strategy on adaptation to climate change without delay. The resolution notes the shortcomings of the previous strategy and provides numerous suggestions how to achieve the EU’s leadership in building global climate resilience. We are already experiencing and spending significant funds to eliminate effects of such natural disasters as floods and droughts. We need to be properly prepared for awaiting climate-related challenges. Therefore, our investments need to focus on boosting sustainable economic development, ensuring water and food security, protecting biodiversity and using clean energy sources, among many things. It is rightly noted in the resolution that adaptation might have a cost, but the cost of inaction will be far greater.

Verordening van de Raad tot bepaling van het meerjarig financieel kader voor de jaren 2021-2027 (A9-0260/2020 - Jan Olbrycht, Margarida Marques) EN


I support the agreed version of the multiannual financial framework for the years 2021 to 2027, which includes an increased funding to the flagship EU programmes, including Erasmus+, Horizon Europe, InvestEU, EU4Health, the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI) and Humanitarian aid, and sets an aim to spend at least 30% of the budget and Next Generation EU expenditures on climate protection objectives. I welcome introduction of new own resources, which will cover the interests and repayment costs of the European Union Recovery Instrument (NGEU). I particularly express my appreciation to the EP negotiating team for obtaining a new procedure, which will enable the Parliament’s supervision over the NGEU.

Interinstitutioneel Akkoord betreffende begrotingsdiscipline, samenwerking in begrotingszaken en goed financieel beheer, alsmede betreffende nieuwe eigen middelen, met inbegrip van een routekaart voor de invoering van nieuwe eigen middelen (A9-0261/2020 - Esteban González Pons) EN


I welcome this interinstitutional agreement, which continues a good practice of cooperation among the key EU institutions and provides reassurance for responsible and discipline management of the Union’s budget. I particularly welcome the advancement by introducing new own resources, which will cover the interests and repayment costs of the European Union Recovery Instrument (NGEU). Moreover, I am positive about the enhanced budgetary scrutiny to monitor the spending of NGEU, on climate and biodiversity objectives and on gender equality and mainstreaming. I am hopeful that this agreement will enable a gradual future oriented post-Covid-19 recovery while maintaining the Union’s commitment to addressing the most urgent global challenges

MFK, conditionaliteit met betrekking tot de rechtsstaat, en eigen middelen (B9-0428/2020, B9-0429/2020) EN


I support this resolution welcoming the achieved agreements by the EU co-legislators regarding the MFF 2021-2027, the Recovery Instrument, introduction of new own resources and the Rule of Law Regulation all of which will enter into force on 1 January 2021. I particularly welcome the Rule of Law conditionality, which will allow to freeze the EU payments to the Member State in case of the rule of law breaches. Such safeguard will prevent from misuse of the EU funds and will oblige the Member States to uphold the fundamental values of the EU.

Situatie van de grondrechten in de Europese Unie - Jaarverslag voor de jaren 2018-2019 (A9-0226/2020 - Clare Daly) EN


The EU is a social union based on values of human rights, human dignity and freedom. These values must be upheld collectively at EU level and individually by its Member States. I support this reiteration of the main responsibilities of the EU Member States in protecting their populations and safeguarding the fundamental freedoms. Especially important in the current days is addressing the breaches of women’s and LGBTI rights in several EU Member States.

Naar een duurzamer eengemaakte markt voor het bedrijfsleven en consumenten (A9-0209/2020 - David Cormand) EN


. ‒ I agree with this call to introduce measures that would facilitate more sustainable use of products and improve reusability. Measures such as providing an estimated lifespan for a product or establishing a ‘right to repair’ for consumers are very important for creating a truly sustainable EU single market. Governments should incentivise citizens to make more sustainable decisions, while companies should make such decisions attractive and accessible.

De aanpak van productveiligheid op de interne markt (A9-0207/2020 - Marion Walsmann) EN


. ‒ I believe that coordinated action for product safety is very important. Product safety rules should be revised to adapt to new market realities, such as AI systems. Market surveillance has to be used in order to protect the interests and health of EU consumers. This is especially important in the growing field of online shopping, as it carries bigger risks of unsafe products.