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Verzekering van motorrijtuigen (A9-0035/2019 - Dita Charanzová) EN

Schriftelijke stemverklaringen

The report aims to ensure better protection and equal treatment of EU citizens involved in accidents or when insuring their vehicles. It also aims to close existing loopholes and improve the current Motor Insurance Directive. I support this report, because consumers need to have access to affordable, fair and transparent motor insurance policies and need to be protected when they have an accident in an EU member state that is not their own, or are a domestic victims of an accident caused by a driver from another EU country. Based on the new rules consumers will also be able to compare prices, tariffs and coverage offered by different providers more easily. Nevertheless, I do have strong reservations concerning the insolvency issue, as the text entails the introduction of a home-based insolvency compensation body without appropriate provisions relating to the funding model, thus falling short of having a minimum ex-ante harmonisation of contributions. This is a key issue that could create uneven playing field between Member States in the insurance sector and should have been better addressed by the legislator.

Richtsnoeren inzake staatssteun op het gebied van klimaat, energie en milieu (CEEAG) (B9-0534/2021, RC-B9-0535/2021, B9-0535/2021, B9-0536/2021, B9-0537/2021, B9-0538/2021) EN

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I support the majority of recommendations in this report, which provides recommendations to the European Commission for a harmonised framework to ensure a level playing field of national state aid actions. Regretfully not all Member States will be able to provide the same level of support to their firms, creating the risk of market distortions and more divergences between countries and that is a revision of the state aid guidelines is needed. The Guidelines aim at helping Member States meet their EU energy and climate targets, while protecting taxpayers and without undue distortions of competition in the Single Market. The use of the Guidelines will also have a significant impact on the Green Deal, the Paris Climate Agreement and the Fit for 55 package.

Algemene begroting van de Europese Unie voor het begrotingsjaar 2022 - alle afdelingen (A9-0281/2021 - Karlo Ressler, Damian Boeselager) EN

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2022 will undoubtedly be characterised by an economic and labour market crisis with high unemployment and consistent labour shortages related to COVID-19, resulting in more inequalities, poverty, and social exclusion. We need an ambitious budget with a strong social dimension that will positively contribute to the life prospects of our citizens and workers and the well-functioning of our labour markets. A budget that will sufficiently boost sustainable growth, cohesion, and upward social convergence while combating poverty, including child poverty, social exclusion, and inequalities. The next budget must guarantee sufficient investment into the S&D flagship initiatives, such as the Child and Youth Guarantees, the European Pillar of Social Rights, and social dialogue and social innovation. That is why I voted in favour of the BUDG, but I also supported amendments that were going in a more ambitious direction. I also supported visionary Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions that will address the current social and employment-related challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the Right to disconnect and Telework.