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Delegacja do spraw stosunków z Republiką Południowej Afryki


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Delegacja do spraw Stosunków z Palestyną

Ostatnie prace

Program działań Unii w dziedzinie zdrowia na lata 2021–2027 („Program UE dla zdrowia”) (A9-0196/2020 - Cristian-Silviu Buşoi) EN

Pisemne wyjaśnienia dotyczące sposobu głosowania

. – On 28 May 2020, the European Commission published the legislative proposal for the next European health programme to be called ‘EU4Health’ as part of its overall proposal for the EU Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for the period 2021-2027. In the context of COVID-19, a standalone programme for health (previously, a health strand within European Social Fund Plus had been proposed) and a significantly increased budget were proposed. The budget forms part of the horizontal MFF negotiations. The EU4Health Programme will come into effect on 1 January 2021 as part of the overall MFF timeline.
This was a positive report that highlights the inequalities in health status among population groups, countries and regions, and access to affordable, preventive and curative health care of good quality; burden from non-communicable diseases, including cancer, mental health, rare diseases and risks from health determinants etc. Therefore I voted in favour.

Plan inwestycyjny na rzecz zrównoważonej Europy - jak finansować Zielony Ład (A9-0198/2020 -Siegfried Mureşan, Paul Tang) EN

Pisemne wyjaśnienia dotyczące sposobu głosowania

. – I abstained on the final vote due to the report’s insistence of supporting EU taxes and additional own resources.
I fully support Green investment and this must be a priority for the EU and Member States. The procedure used by Parliament for this report made it very difficult for groups to have separate and split votes where I could have shown a more detailed position.
Therefore, despite my support for Green investment, I felt it necessary to abstain.

Program InvestEU (A9-203/2020 - José Manuel Fernandes, Irene Tinagli) EN

Pisemne wyjaśnienia dotyczące sposobu głosowania

. – I supported this report as investment is essential to economic recovery and the creation of a balanced and prosperous economy. The firepower of the EIB needs to be harnessed to make huge investment in public infrastructure and the green economy.
The Report could and should have been more ambitious in its climate aims and I reject completely the idea that the arms industry (so called Defence industry) should benefit from public investment.