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Alfred SANT Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT

Grupo da Aliança Progressista dos Socialistas e Democratas no Parlamento Europeu


Malta - Partit Laburista (Malta)

Data de nascimento : , Sliema

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Pacote de medidas de recuperação da UE (debate) EN

27-05-2020 P9_CRE-PROV(2020)05-27(1-055-7500)
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Novo QFP, recursos próprios e plano de retoma EN

Declarações de voto escritas

. – I voted in favour of this Resolution because I believe that the next Multiannual Financial Framework could provide the needed platform for the the EU to face up to the corona virus pandemic while launching a recovery programme. The MFF is already “mutualised” under agreed norms. Using it as an instrument for the recovery guarantees that national budgets do not get caught in the obligations of others. That spending targets must be increased over the levels about which squabbling prevailed in the last years should be common sense. How much that raise should be must be settled. Simply, it has to be robust enough to protect the most vulnerable sectors of the European economy and serve as the launchpad for recovery. It must cover all the vital interests that define the single market, while maintaining the longstanding priorities of the Union, like EU-wide socioeconomic convergence and environmental reform. In this context, having the European Commission to steer and manage the recovery programme would also ensure that no new supranational mechanisms are set up. I have one disagreement with the resolution: I do not support most of the new own resources for the Union which it identifies.

70.º aniversário da Declaração Schuman (debate) EN

14-05-2020 P9_CRE-PROV(2020)05-14(2-093-0001)
Contributos para os debates em sessão plenária
Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT


Restaurants & Bars are to abide by the standards set by authorities for operation. Many are doing their best. Some less so, at times much less so. These are the spots where maximal respect of Covid19 measures must be enforced otherwise, everthing will have to be redone.

The exit from Covid-19 clampdown is taking place in EU at different speeds. Rightly because different countries are recovering at different speeds. People will point out that it shows how uncoordinated & disunited EU still is. But the same is the situation in the USA.

No matter when the airport opens, tourism blues this year will be deep. Next year will also be tough/tougher likely than is thought. Will it become more resilient or less vulnerable by downsizing/specialising in a few segments? Or enlarging further with a presence in all niches?