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Uniunea bancară - raport anual 2019 (A9-0026/2020 - Pedro Marques) EN

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I have voted in favour of this report.
As is frequently acknowledged, an increasingly convergent and stable Economic and Monetary Union requires a solid Banking Union. Despite progress towards a single banking policy in the euro area, the Banking Union project has stagnated for years. It is still early to say, but the current pandemic crisis might highlight the risks posed by its incompletion. The differences in regimes across the EU could create significant vulnerabilities.
The report also addresses issues deep running consumer issues. EU citizens are confronted by obscure and unfair commercial practices. The interests of vulnerable groups are frequently ignored. The pandemic could exacerbate such aspects with the reduction of banking services to small clients.
Finally, the report tackles the issue of the fight against money laundering. Giving powers for anti-money laundering supervision to an independent Union agency with a single rule book, could be a truly effective way to tackle cross-border illegal activities. However, its prerogatives would need to be implemented in the same way everywhere, with equivalent approaches for all credit institutions across Member States.
Only a truly impartial EU body could preserve the integrity of the EU financial system.

Alfred SANT
Alfred SANT

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As the economic crisis proceeds, there will be more and more firms to run into difficulties. Some will not be able to survive. As recovery programmes take off, decisions will be taken that determine who dies and who survives.What criteria will be used when making such decisions?

Would it strain the independence of the courts if a professional audit were carried out to assess their efficiency in time and use of resources? All those who proclaim their devotion to the rule of law should be all for such an audit.

How will Malta shape up as Europe’s Green Deal takes shape? Chances are that we will be starting from the back of the pack and as an island it could get more and more difficult to improve our position.