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Comisia pentru piața internă și protecția consumatorilor
Comisia pentru petiții
Delegația la Adunarea Parlamentară Paritară ACP-UE
Delegația la Adunarea Parlamentară a Uniunii pentru Mediterana

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Comisia pentru ocuparea forței de muncă și afaceri sociale
Delegația pentru relațiile cu Palestina

Activități recente

Răspunsul european coordonat la epidemia de COVID-19 (dezbatere) EN

26-03-2020 P9_CRE-PROV(2020)03-26(1-070-0001)
Contribuțiile la dezbaterile în plen

Normele comune de alocare a sloturilor orare pe aeroporturile comunitare EN

Explicații scrise ale votului

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has created a force majeure situation for airlines worldwide, leading to a position where they will all lose their slots in the future, unless they operate empty flights – this is not sustainable and detrimental to companies, people and the environment. The travel ban is the first such occurrence in Air Malta’s 45 year history. The current grounding of aircraft (barring the operation of a very limited life line schedule to Malta) has brought a significant change in connectivity to and from Malta. We need to cope with the current extraordinary circumstances caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and freeze those rules for the moment. Therefore, I voted in favour of a full waiver for slot requirements to help airlines during the summer season. This waiver will give airlines, such as Air Malta the comfort to cancel flights without losing them during the downturn, and it will also give them help them to recover during the whole summer period.

Măsuri specifice menite să mobilizeze investiții în sistemele de sănătate ale statelor membre și în alte sectoare ale economiilor acestora ca răspuns la epidemia de COVID-19 [Inițiativa pentru investiții în răspunsul la coronavirus] EN

Explicații scrise ale votului

This legislative proposals will free up EUR 37 billion in EU funding to support citizens, regions and countries fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the urgency of the situation, I fully support the text and voted in favour of it. EUR 37 billion will be made available of Cohesion funds to Member States to address the consequences of the crisis. About EUR 8 billion of investment liquidity will be released from unspent pre-financing in 2019 for programmes under the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund, the Cohesion Fund and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. The measure will also provide access to EUR 29 billion of structural funding across the EU for 2020. The new measures will also support SMEs to alleviate serious liquidity shortages as a result of the pandemic, as well as strengthen investment in products and services necessary to bolster the crisis response of health services.




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