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Politica agricolă comună - sprijinul pentru planurile strategice care urmează a fi elaborate de statele membre și finanțate de FEGA și de FEADR (A8-0200/2019 - Peter Jahr) EN

Explicații scrise ale votului

The CAP is the European Union’s mechanism for ensuring food security, protecting farm incomes and developing rural communities.
Farmers as custodians of the land will play a significant role in protecting the environment, enhancing biodiversity and promoting sustainable food production.
Fianna Fáil votes on the CAP Strategic Plans sought to marry these two objectives. We voted for the greenest CAP plan in history; setting aside at least 30% of the Direct Payments budget for new eco-schemes to support farmers protect and enhance biodiversity on their lands. Earlier this month we voted for a 60% overall reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.
We voted to align, where appropriate, CAP objectives with the Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies, the Sustainable Development Goals, the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement.
We will further strengthen climate ambition through the myriad pieces of legislation expected via F2F and the Biodiversity Strategies.
We voted not to send the CAP proposal back to the Commission as this would have delayed the Plan’s adoption that must be implemented from 1 Jan 2023. We supported sensible measures that gave flexibility to Member States to ensure that countries could shape their schemes based on local needs.

Combaterea spălării banilor, în urma dezvăluirilor din dosarele FinCEN (continuarea dezbaterii) EN

08-10-2020 P9_CRE-PROV(2020)10-08(4-043-0000)
Contribuțiile la dezbaterile în plen

Producția ecologică: data de aplicare și anumite alte date (C9-0286/2020) EN

Explicații scrise ale votului

I voted in favour of this pragmatic approach to the entry into force of the new Organics Regulation, moving it from 1/1/2021 to 1/1/2022. This additional time will allow farmers and processors in the organics sector the necessary time to adjust and plan for the new legislation and new requirements. Due to the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, the sector has reported that significant short-term adaptation has been undertaken in relation to the challenges facing production, marketing, securing market access, controls and international trade. In light of this situation, it is widely understood that the full and proper implementation and control of the new Regulation from 1st January 2021 would be an unsustainable burden on a sector already under pressure.
Bord Bia research undertaken in 2017 shows that the Irish organic market is worth EUR162 million with a further EUR 44 million generated by direct sales. There is a growing trend across Ireland and Europe for organically produced products and I am pleased to support the proposal to postpone the implementation of the new legislation that will allow the sector the time to recover from the impact of the Covid crisis before applying the new legislative requirements.